Stickman Tennis – Best iPhone and Android Tennis Game Ever (Video)

Stickman Tennis is currently the very best arcade tennis game for both the iPhone and Android. This Sports Game comes with competitive world-wide rankings that will challenge even the best gamer! Watch the Stickman Tennis App Video … [Read more...]

Running with Friends – Most Creative Endless Runner Game (Video)

Running with Friends (by Zynga) is definitely a winner! This action-packed endless runner game for the iPhone and iPad features intense gameplay, a variety of playable characters to unlock, and you can play against others as well. Watch the Running with Friends App Video … [Read more...]

DIY App By BrightNest – Maintain, Clean and Organize Your Home!

There's a free DIY app that gives you 1,000s of practical and low cost "how to" suggestions on simply maintaining your home. This DIY app covers tips and tricks on 8 different categories and even provides a personalized weekly suggestion list based on your preferences. With … [Read more...]

Leps World Platform Game – Me Found Me Lucky Charms!

Leps World is a fun, Irish-themed iPhone platform game that gives you a taste of what the full version of this game is like, Leps World Plus. This game reminds me of the classic platform game, Super Mario Bros., but with a sort of an "Irish Jig" feel. Watch The Leps … [Read more...]

Temple Run 2 iOS App – Awesome Follow Up to Temple Run!

Temple Run 2 iOS app, the follow up to Temple run and Temple Run Brave is AWESOME, with more challenging terrain to navigate, zip lines, mine car game mode, and plenty of new and dangerous obstacles to avoid including an oversized monkey! It is always tough to follow up atop … [Read more...]

App to Relax to: Rain, Rain – Free Sleep Sounds for iPhone

Need an app to relax and wash away your stress? The Rain, Rain - Free Sleep Sounds app (for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) will instantly calm you as you listen to its soothing rain (sound) tracks. This free app to relax comes with 3 pleasant rain sounds of varying rain … [Read more...]

Slot Magic, Slot App Jams in 17 Virtual Slot Machine Games

The Slot Magic app lets you play Vegas style slots on your iPhone or iPad for free. You can play up to 17 different virtual slot machines, all featuring excellent HD graphics, magic wand abilities, and bonus rounds to give you a better chance of winning more money. Slot … [Read more...]

Stickman Ski Racer – Daring Downhill Racing Puzzle Game

Stickman Ski Racer (by Robert Szeleney) is another brilliant casual "stickman game." Watch the Stickman Ski Racer app video now!   There are currently only 30 levels in the iOS and Android OS versions of this game. The 3 playable … [Read more...]

Stickman Base Jumper – Insane iOS Gameplay

Stickman Base Jumper lets you daringly glide your way through 50 death-defying levels as a virtual base jumper dodging dangerous items along the way, dealing with wind while trying to land on your target. Watch the Stickman Base Jumper app video … [Read more...]

Stickman Snowboarder, Sick, Off-The-Hook iOS Game Fun!

Arm yourself with 1 of several snowboarders and trick your way through 4 game packs, 60 levels, and 1000's of trick combinations in Stickman Snowboarder (by Traction Games). Stickman games "rock" on the iPhone, and Traction Games delivers another hit with this iPhone and … [Read more...]