DodgeSpot – How Long Will You Survive This Almost Impossible Games App?

If you love a challenge, have fast reflexes and good eye/hand coordination, then DodgeSpot is a must-have app for you. This 1 touch to play game is seriously challenging, yet very simplistic in design. And best of all, it's free for iOS, Android and Kindle device owners. … [Read more...]

Go Fish Go, Tap-To-Swim Flappy Bird Like Game – Easy to Play, Hard to Master!

Take the plunge and play the new, free, iPhone game Go Fish Go! This "like Flappy Bird game" is a tap-to-play casual game that challenges you to swim as a fish through a treacherous underwater environment avoiding deadly mines to stay alive. It sounds simple enough, but like … [Read more...]

100 Balls+ – The Free, Fun Android Casual Game You Can Play Anytime!

100 Balls+ is a killer "ball dropping" casual game for Android that is fun to play anytime and anywhere! This new game tasks you with dropping balls into cups at just the right time to score points, and you'll even earn more points with colored balls. But run out of cups or … [Read more...]

Papa Pear Saga Game – Super Fun Peggle Like Game, Android Video Review

Papa Pear Saga is another massive casual game by featuring a Peggle-like game that ultimately gets its roots from the Japanese Pachinko game. Watch The Papa Pear Saga Video!- SUBSCRIBE>>   Papa Pear Saga Android App Review and Gameplay … [Read more...]

TouchRabbit, Fun Free iPhone Game, Touch To Play Brain Trainer (Video)

There's more to this free iPhone game than what first meets the eye. Initially, TouchRabbit appears to be a really simple touch-to-play iPhone game that starts out pretty easy. But before you know it, this free iPhone game kicks up the difficulty factor with more challenging … [Read more...]

Bad Piggies – Better Than Angry Birds? Now Free (Video)

Bad Piggies is an iPhone role reversal game that features the "Bad Pigs" from Angry Birds, in 90 levels of contraption-building and physics puzzle solving fun. Watch The Bad Piggies iPhone App Review Now! Bad Piggies is a combination of Amazing Alex and Angry Birds. … [Read more...]

Banana Kong, Funny, Fast Paced iPad Endless Runner Game (Video)

Banana Kong is a funny endless runner game for the iPad. This game features a very large monkey that runs, jumps, and dashes in an attempt to outrun a humongous pile of bananas chasing after him. If you want to find out more about this app and to see how this game plays, … [Read more...]

Angry Birds Star Wars HD = Epicness (Now Free)!

The Angry Birds Star Wars HD game by Rovio Entertainment can best be defined in one word: EPICNESS. Watch the Angry Birds Star Wars HD iPad App Review Now! Angry Birds Star Wars HD iPad App Review YouTube Video Link   Classic Angry Birds gameplay is … [Read more...]

Paper Toss 2.0, Pass Time with This Classic Time Waster Game (Video)

If you're bored, Paper Toss 2.0 should quickly solve that problem for you. Just open this classic casual game up and peruse the many places and items you can toss. Whether you're at work (real work), waiting for an airplane, Dr.'s office, or other place you need to kill a … [Read more...]

Can Knockdown 3 – More 3 Ball Carnival Gameplay (Video)

Can Knockdown 3 gives the Can Knockdown game a major overhaul. The Can Knockdown 3 game comes with 5 game areas, each packed with tricky physics puzzles to solve with only 3 balls. Watch The Can Knockdown 3 Android App Review Now! Can Knockdown 3 Android App Review … [Read more...]