uWin? iPhone Crap App Review….Push The Button Get A Cookie!

With over 591,534 total iOS apps approved, there are certainly going to be some "crap apps" and today's winner is the uWin? iPhone/iPod Touch app by Crazy Apps Gone Wild. Bad enough the developers are trying to cash in on already coined brand with their app company name, but … [Read more...]

Don’t Drop The Soap iPhone Crap App Review

Don't Drop The Soap is a phrase that goes along with being in prison, but now has come to the iPhone as this week's "Crap App" on CrazyMikesapps.com. This iPhone game app is not poorly made as could be the cause for a "crap app", rather it is the game play that makes this … [Read more...]

SmashDish, I Swear That Dude Looks Like Perez Hilton? (Video)

SmashDish is a tricky puzzle game that makes you think with your brain and act with your finger (you will see). … [Read more...]

Find Your Happy Place With Buka! (Video)

Oh how I long to find my happy place, but at least I can help Buka! … [Read more...]

Urinal Test, Guys Are You Sure Your Picking the Right Urinal?

Urinal Test is an iPhone app to test your (men) ability to select the right urinal. … [Read more...]