Re!Sources – Super Challenging, Earth-Friendly Game!

It's a battle of survival between the trees in Re!Sources, an iPad and iPhone earth-conscious strategy game. Re!Sources features 2 mind challenging game modes where you collect energy and resources to grow enough fruit to complete each level in order to win. … [Read more...]

Green App, 1800Recycling Shows You Where To Recycle Everything! is a Green app to help you in your lifestyle mission to "Go Green!" Use your iPhone to find all the recycling and drop off centers near you. With the Green app, you can locate 135,000+ participating recycling sites across the U.S. and … [Read more...]

DIY App By BrightNest – Maintain, Clean and Organize Your Home!

There's a free DIY app that gives you 1,000s of practical and low cost "how to" suggestions on simply maintaining your home. This DIY app covers tips and tricks on 8 different categories and even provides a personalized weekly suggestion list based on your preferences. With … [Read more...]

Lorax Garden iPhone Game – Rebuild The Truffula Forests!

The Lorax Garden iPhone game is a simulation game that gives kids the opportunity to rebuild the Truffula Forests! Lorax Garden (by Oceanhouse Media) picks up where the classic, The Lorax, children's storybook by Dr. Seuss left off. Guided by the persistent but lovable … [Read more...]

The Grocery List App Fooducate Is An Awesome Healthy Living App!

If you're looking for a quick grocery list app to help you make a simple shopping list, Fooducate isn't it. However, if you're looking for something that offers much more, including "healthy living" information, this Free Healthcare & Fitness iPhone app may be right on … [Read more...]

Truffula Shuffula – Dr. Seuss The Lorax Movie Game (Video)

The Lorax game, Truffula Shuffula – Dr. Seuss The Lorax Movie is a game that lets you escape into the fantastical world of the Lorax. This is a free matching game that features a mix of Truffula trees and other items from the movie. The Lorax movie is a story of urban growth … [Read more...]