Foldify, Fun Paper Crafts, Kids App To Create Real 3D Shapes!

Foldify offers the best of both worlds with a 3D paper crafts app for the iPad. Not only does this iOS Entertainment app provide hours of fun arts and craft time on the iPad, it gives kids an opportunity to practice their "real" hands-on crafting skills as they color, … [Read more...]

Life Skills For Kids, Learning App – Clean Rooms And Calm Attitudes!

Quit nagging your kids to clean up their rooms and let Tejas and Lollipop inspire them in this wonderfully peculiar learning app that teaches life skills for kids. This iPad Books app is packed with fun music, fresh graphics, likable characters and an imaginative storyline. … [Read more...]

Cool Storybook App For Kids, Monster Jam Rocks on the iPad

Kids will have a great time rocking out with the dynamic monster characters in the Monster Jam iPad storybook app. This interactive iPad app introduces 4-8 year old kids to the lively Groundhog Band characters, colorful and fun artwork, and a chance to explore cool rock band … [Read more...]