5 Top iPad Games – Batman: Arkham Origins, FIFA 14…(Video Playlist)

Here are 5 Top iPad Games conveniently packaged into a YouTube playlist for your iPad gaming enjoyment! This playlist of games includes Batman: Arkham Origins, FIFA 14, PBA Bowling Challenge, Epoch 2, and Dead Trigger 2. Watch The 5 Top iPad Games Video Now!- … [Read more...]

Fightback Game, An Old School Arcade Fighting Game For iOS (Video)

The Fightback game will get your blood pumping as you reclaim the lost streets in this iOS retro arcade fighting game that doesn't disappoint. Watch The FightBack Fighting Game iPad Video Now!- SUBSCRIBE>>   Fightback Fighting Game iPad App Review and … [Read more...]

Marvel VS Capcom 2, Arcade Game Smackdown, iPhone Video App Review

It's Marvel comic book heroes against Capcom's video game characters in Marvel VS Capcom 2 arcade smackdown! This iPhone and iPad arcade fighting game features up to 56 playable characters. MARVEL VS CAPCOM 2 Arcade iPhone Video- SUBSCRIBE>>   MARVEL … [Read more...]

Marvel Avengers Initiative, Fantastic iOS Fighting Game (Video Review)

Take control of 2 of the most popular and powerful superheroes in the awesome Marvel Avengers Initiative iOS game . And once you do, this iOS application will provide you with a really great touch gaming experience. Watch The iPad App Video Now!- SUBSCRIBE>> … [Read more...]

Batman Arkham Origins Demo, Awesome Freemium Punch Fest (Video)

This Batman Arkham Origins demo video shows you that this game is not just another premium, freemium game designed to take your money through in app purchase? Batman Arkham Origins iPad Video!- SUBSCRIBE>>   YouTube Video Link: Batman: Arkham Origins … [Read more...]

Pacific Rim Game, Big Brawler – Not Bad, Not Great (Video)

The Pacific Rim game is literally a "big brawler" game for the iOS and Android platforms. You fight ginormous monsters through 30 levels in Story Mode or see how long you can last in Survival Mode using 5 different Jaegers as you battle the formidable Kaiju. The Pacific Rim … [Read more...]

Infinity Blade 2 – Award Winning iOS Game Review! NOW FREE!

The Infinity Blade 2 (by Chair Entertainment) is an iOS Universal app that picks up where the original Infinity Blade left off. With the death of the God king, Infinity Blade brings another great epic 3D weapon fighting game to the iPhone and iPad. Watch The Infinity … [Read more...]

Real Steel – Metal to Metal Smackdown! (Video)

Real Steel is a futuristic steel-to-steel iPad robo-boxing game featuring a variety of deadly robots, 3 difficulty levels and 3 game modes of metal pounding metal gameplay. Watch The Real Steel iPad App Review Now! YouTube App Video Link: Real Steel iPad App … [Read more...]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Rooftop Run, Free Game? (Video)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Rooftop Run finally brings the "Turtles" to an iOS game, but you need to watch this video before you pay for this app!   Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Rooftop Run iPad Video Review YouTube Link Nickelodeon brings the … [Read more...]

Infinity Blade 2 Review, Discover The Infinity Blade Truth! (Video)

Infinity Blade 2, another superior "hack & slash" fighting game for iOS by Chair! Watch The Infinity Blade 2 iPad App Review Now! Infinity Blade 2 iPad App Review YouTube Video Link This iPad fighting game is an excellent follow up to the award winning … [Read more...]