Can Knockdown 2, Excellent Casual iPhone Game (Video)

Can Knockdown 2 is a free iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android casual game. The game is reminiscent of carnival games where you are given 3 balls to knock down milk bottles or cans. Watch The Can Knockdown 2 iPhone App Review! Can Knockdown 2 iPhone App Review YouTube … [Read more...]

iSing iPhone App, American Idol, American Shmidol, iPhone Idol!

It is all about community and it looks like the developers at Islandlabs have come to this conclusion with their newest iPhone app iSing. American Idol has been a staple in American culture for the last 8 years and it is no surprise that now there is an iPhone app to … [Read more...]

Sudoku Free, Play This Puzzle Game For Free On Your iPhone

Sudoku Free surely has to be a Japanese puzzle game, well almost. Actually, Sudoku was originally invented in 1979 by Howard Garns an American. At the time the logic number puzzle game was called "Numbers in Place". It wasn't until the Japanese popularized that game and … [Read more...]