ElfYourself by OfficeMax – Funky Free Christmas App (Video)

ElfYourself by OfficeMax lets you "Elf Yourself" and up to 4 others with this free iPhone Christmas app, then get down to a funky hip hop Christmas song. I remember the first time I "Elfed" myself back in 2006, and I must say it was pretty funny. This iPhone Christmas app … [Read more...]

Funny Alarm Clock App, Jimmy Fallon’s Wake Up Call (Video)

Funny alarm clock apps are a great way to wake up and face the day. Now you can wake you up to funny fake phone calls from Jimmy Fallon, the entertaining and sarcastic comedian, using the Jimmy Fallon's Wake Up Call app for your iPhone. Jimmy Fallon's Wake Up Call … [Read more...]

Watch The Best Super Bowl Ads With This Super Bowl App – And LOL!

Yes, it's true. We all love watching the NFL's biggest football game of year - a.k.a. The Super Bowl. And most of us can't wait to be entertained by the halftime show. But it's the funniest and best Super Bowl ads starring our favorite celebrities, cars, food, drinks, and … [Read more...]

Android Ringtones and Android Soundboard App, Instant Buttons! (Video)

Get crazy Android Ringtones and a cool soundboard with Instant Buttons, a free Android Entertainment app. Instant Buttons is the ultimate soundboard app and is jam-packed with 260+ sounds, including songs, FX, funny movie one-liners, memes, and much more! Watch The … [Read more...]

Funny iPhone App, Spit On A Banker – Do You Have Spitting Skills?

Looking for a good laugh? Then give Spit On A Banker, a funny iPhone app, a download and see if you have the spitting skills needed to make your mark! This silly, free iPhone game places you high atop buildings, bridges and other places. And yes, you guessed it, your goal is … [Read more...]

Devil’s Attorney, One Of The Best Strategy Games For iPad!

Devil's Attorney is one of the best strategy games for iPad. This turn-based strategy game has you playing as Max McMann, a recent law school graduate, now a defense attorney, who works his way up from "rags to riches." You (Max) start out representing small-time, sick, … [Read more...]

Talking Pierre Goes Wild, Funny Android Entertainment App (Video)

Talking Pierre the Parrot Free is a hilarious Android Entertainment app by Outfit7. I had a chance to talk with Pierre, a forgetful repeating parrot about the government shut down and he had a lot to say (see the video below)! Watch The Android Video Now!- SUBSCRIBE! … [Read more...]

Fart Sound Free, Android Fart Prank Fun Without The Stink! (Video)

The Fart Sound Free app lets you "break wind" without the effort, share farts through email, or set the ultimate fart bomb as a funny prank! Watch the Fart Sound Free App Video Now! http://youtu.be/EHNauS8fkec   Fart apps were one of the most popular apps in the … [Read more...]

Stupid Silly Scream Soundboard, iPhone App (Video)

This scream soundboard app, Screams and Screaming People Sound Effects, is a perfect iOS Entertainment app for practical jokes. This stupid silly app gives you 6 different loud screams to annoy others and have a little fun at the same time. … [Read more...]

Crazy Old Man Kicks Butt and Takes Names (Video)

Throw down as the Crazy Old Man punishing thugs, young whippersnappers and bad guys with fists, feet, and a variety of weapons in this funny Android game! … [Read more...]