Classic He-Man, He-Man The Most Powerful Game in the Universe (Video)

Become He-man and harness the "Power of Grayskull" while playing the new iPhone and iPad game He-Man The Most Powerful Game in the Universe. Watch the He-Man App Video Review Now! YouTube App Video Review Link: He-Man Game iPhone App Review … [Read more...]

Infinity Blade 3 Review, An Awesome iPad Adventure Game! (Video)

This Infinity Blade 3 review video shows you how Chair continues to mature their awesome Infinity Blade series delivering even better hack-and-slash iOS adventure gameplay over and over. Some of the new game features include a more in-depth storyline, blacksmith, multiple … [Read more...]

He-Man: The Most Powerful Game, Retro Hack and Slash Games App (Video)

He-Man: The Most Powerful Game is an Android Hack and Slash game that delivers a blast from the past. This Android arcade game features the infamous cartoon hero, He-Man, as he takes on Skeletor in a decent retro-inspired mobile game. Watch the App Video Review … [Read more...]

Dungeon Hunter 4 – Decent Freemium Hack and Slash Game (Video)

Dungeon Hunter 4 got off to a bad start, but a recent update fixes the difficulty balance, adds 100 new levels, increases multiplayer gameplay and more in this freemium Hack and Slash Game. Watch the Dungeon Hunter 4 App Video … [Read more...]

Dark Avenger – Delivers Punishing Hack and Slash Gameplay!

Dark Avenger is a free-to-play hack and slash game featuring 3 game modes, 3 player classes, real time global player vs player, and infinite dungeon gameplay! … [Read more...]

Predators Game..Slices Into Google Play for Android! (Video)

The Predators game for the Android slices, slashes, and hacks its way onto the Google Play Store. You'll hunt humans, big and small, using a variety of state-of-the-art tech weapons through 31 gory levels, where eventually you take on rival clans in epic predator vs. … [Read more...]

PREDATORS Game for iPhone and iPad…Gruesome!

The Predators game for the iPhone and iPad originally came out back in July 2010. This intense Predators game is a gruesome hack and slash game that epitomizes the Hollywood movie. In this game you are the Predator and your prey? People. You are hunting people with a vast … [Read more...]

Apocalypse Max – Frantic Platform Hack & Slash iOS Game

Run, jump, double jump, double jump, slice, double jump + slice and shoot while playing Apocalypse Max: Better Dead Than Undead -- a new iPhone and iPad Games app (by Wandake). You're Max, an elite Marine Commando, who is on an insane mission killing zombies throughout 9 … [Read more...]

Eternity Warriors 2 – Bloody Fun Hack n Slash iOS Game!

Eternity Warriors 2 (by Glu Games Inc.) is a most wicked new Eternity Game Title featuring massive hack & slash combos, multi-player online co-op gameplay, upgradeable skills, weapons, and more. Having never played the first Eternity Warriors game title, I had no … [Read more...]

BackStab – Hack and Slash Android Game…Revenge Style!

You have been betrayed, sold out, and violated beyond comprehension, but things are looking up -- now, it's your turn to inflict some serious pain on those who've tried to take everything from you. BackStab (by Gameloft) for the Android is a classic "hack and slash" game … [Read more...]