Fish Out Of Water – Fun iOS Game, Very Pricey In App Purchases (Video)

Fling your way across the ocean as you play Fish out of Water, the new Halfbrick Studios iOS game. Fish Out Of Water features 6 different fish that you fling to see how many skips you can get and how far you can go. You are judged at the end of each game by a scrupulous set … [Read more...]

Fruit Ninja Puss In Boots, Sooo Juicy! Swipe Gameplay (Video)

Halfbrick Studios takes it up a notch with their latest release, Fruit Ninja Puss In Boots. Fruit Ninja was already an iconic iPhone game continually in the top 10 overall top paid apps, but with the addition of what I am calling "Puss In Boots" game play, this Fruit Ninja … [Read more...]