Infinity Blade 2 Review, Discover The Infinity Blade Truth! (Video)

Infinity Blade 2, another superior "hack & slash" fighting game for iOS by Chair! Watch The Infinity Blade 2 iPad App Review Now! Infinity Blade 2 iPad App Review YouTube Video Link This iPad fighting game is an excellent follow up to the award winning … [Read more...]

Treasure Kai and the Lost Gold of Shark Island, Gold-Hunting Adventure Interactive iPad Book (Video)

Treasure Kai is a young kid with an active imagination and a penchant for exploring to find lost treasure, interesting items, and whatnot. Treasure Kai and The Lost Gold of Shark Island, follows Treasure Kai on one such adventure through this fun, interactive … [Read more...]

Mind Your Own Business and Do Not Touch My iPhone! (Video)

Do you suffer from prying eyes and/or fingers on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch? If so, you will want to consider downloading the new entertainment iOS universal app, Do Not Touch, to trick those prying eyes and fingers from messing with your iDevice. This entertainment … [Read more...]

Get Thousands of Newspapers on Your iPad – PressReader!

They say electronic media is putting traditional newspaper forms out of business. And with iOS universal applications like PressReader, it is easy to see why. PressReader virtually brings newspapers to the iPad in a realistic user interface as if the reader is actually … [Read more...]

SlideShark, Present PowerPoints Like A Pro On Your iPad!

Want to present PowerPoints like a pro on your iPad? You can with the slick iPad productivity app called SlideShark. This iPad app will make you look quite tech savvy while making your next PowerPoint presentation. While there are some limitations, overall your PowerPoint … [Read more...]

Spooky Groove, Get The Halloween Music Playing With This App (Video)

Need a little nudge to get your Halloween groove on? Check out Spooky Groove for the iPad by Jill Pestka. This $0.99 iPad game app is more music than game, and will really help you to get groovy with a variety of Halloween sounds to create your own music. There are … [Read more...]

Theres A Wocket in My Pocket! – Awesome Dr Seuss iPad App! (Video)

Growing up as a kid Dr. Seuss books like There's A Wocket In My Pocket were a staple for my reading adventures. Now you can have all those "Theres A Wocket in My Pocket" adventures on your iPad. Watch The Theres A Wocket in My Pocket! - Dr Seuss iPad … [Read more...]

360 Web Browser Feature, Rich iPhone and iPad Web Browser (Video)

The 360 Web Browser app is a much more feature rich web browsing experience than the native iOS Safari browser app. This web browser app has several robust features that'll make navigating the web much more enjoyable on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Watch The 360 … [Read more...]

Dead Space, Alien Smackdown iPhone Shooter Game (Video)

The excellent third person shooter game Dead Space becomes an iPhone app, which does not disappoint. The iPhone app is a new storyline that is an in between storyline for the original console/PC game and the new Dead Space 2, which released the same day as the iOS app … [Read more...]

Tap Video Remote Control Camera iPhone App (Video)

The Tap Video app is a great iPhone and iPad app to remotely access an iDevice that has a camera. This app works with both video and image capture and allows for streaming video or images across both bluetooth and WiFi networks. Watch The Video!- SUBSCRIBE>> … [Read more...]