7 Fourth of July Apps Sure To Bring Out The Patriotic American in You!

As Americans, we have plenty of reasons to celebrate this 4th of July. And to help you out, we have created a list of 7 great Fourth of July apps that should rekindle the patriotic pride you feel about this country and remind you to feel blessed as you celebrate all your … [Read more...]

Disney App Makes Learning American Presidents Factual and Fun!

This Disney app is hands down the most fun you and your kids will ever have learning about American Presidents and American History. Disney does what it does best, and that is entertain kids of all ages. But don't let the entertainment factor discount the educational value … [Read more...]

Geography Drive USA – Fun Geography Learning Game!

Geography Drive USA is an award-winning iPad Education app that will put you and your kids on the road to an awesome learning adventure. Kids 6-12+ will be steered in the right direction as they travel across all 50 states learning about national and state geography in the … [Read more...]

Buy American – App for Online Shopping, Products Made In America!

It may seem like American made products are a thing of the past, but the Keep America iPhone and iPad app makes it easy for you to find and buy American. Keep America proudly touts itself as the "#1 online source for ALL things made in the USA" and prominently displays its … [Read more...]

Constitution App for Kids – Educational and Fun!

The Constitution by KIDS DISCOVER app will give children a new appreciation for their American Government roots. This quality Education app will take upper elementary and middle school students through the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights in an engaging, fun, and … [Read more...]

KoolrPix Celebrate America! Photography App

Part of the 4th of July fun is capturing memorable moments through photos, and the KoolrPix Celebrate America! app does just that. This iPhone Photography app is packed with all kinds of fun and meaningful templates, stamps, frames and more to give your photos a big … [Read more...]

4 FREE Awesome Fourth of July iPhone Apps

Here are 4 great Fourth of July iPhone apps to help you celebrate this patriotic American holiday. The 4 FREE iPhone apps range from Entertainment to Healthcare & Fitness. These apps are all Free and almost all have a patriotic theme. We threw a first aid app into the … [Read more...]

NA Flags Live Wallpaper – Fly The US Flag On Your Android!

NA Flags Live Wallpaper (by Kittehface) is an Android personalization app that includes a large number of live wallpaper flags for North America, different backgrounds, and the option to upload your own flag. Watch the NA Flags Live Wallpaper App Video … [Read more...]

American Independence : 4th July App – Great Variety of Content

The American Independence : 4th July app delivers a nice variety of patriotic content in the form of quotes, wallpapers, our National Anthem, Declaration of Independence document, and presidential biographies on all 44 presidents.   The American Independence : 4th … [Read more...]

Independence Day Puzzle App – Good For The Whole Family

In my hunt to find great patriotic-themed apps to kick off the 4th of July holiday, I stumbled upon the Aaron's Independence Day Puzzle app.  This iPad Games app is a top-notch jigsaw puzzle game that the whole family can appreciate, especially younger kids. There are a … [Read more...]