TaskLog – Now You Know Where The Time Went!

Ever wonder where the time went? Mac users can effortlessly figure this out with the simple TaskLog Mac app. This Mac Productivity app keeps your time logged with a simple 2 click process. The app quietly sits in your menu bar and can be set to run on login, which I … [Read more...]

Full Download Music Pro – Slick, Easy, Fast!

Full Download Music Pro (by Spire.com) for the iPhone and iPad allows you to download music directly to your iOS devices from 20 plus different websites, easily create playlists, use simple iTunes file sharing for downloaded files, and a whole lot more. I have used several … [Read more...]

CCleaner – A Cheap Way to Make Your Mac Purr

CCleaner, a Mac utility hard drive optimization and cleaning application (by Piriform) has come to the Mac OS platform. This application has been cleaning up computer hard drives on the PC platform for some time now, but as of 02/20/12, the app is currently cleaning a Mac … [Read more...]

Battle On with Trenches: Generals — for Mac

Trenches: Generals is a war-style strategy game featuring a variety of battle units to beat back your enemy with, and now offers a Perk system that lets you upgrade your units and air support. Trenches is a wildly successful iOS game, and this version on the Mac is a nice … [Read more...]

Shuttie Mac Utility App..Shuts Down Your Mac And More!

Shuttie (by Kuko.sk) is an easy-to-use Mac utility app that does exactly what it says it will do, with the primary function of auto closing your Mac at a predetermined time that you set, and features a beautiful user interface. While there are other applications out there … [Read more...]

Clean Up Your Mac Desktop with Tab Launcher

My Mac desktop is typically a mess with screen shot images of the various applications that I'm reviewing, including video files, documents, and folders. Being a bit of a type "A" freak, I get a little stressed out when my desktop is crowded with clutter. Tab Launcher for … [Read more...]

Alfred – Your Personal Mac Search Butler!

Search the web and your Mac with Alfred, your own personal and customizable Mac butler who does more than just search. This FREE Mac productivity app is your search friend examining not only your Mac, but Google, Bing, and a bunch of other web search engines (all at the same … [Read more...]

MiniBluebox – Convenient and Simple Password Storage

MiniBluebox brings password archiving to its simplest and easiest-to-use level. All you have to do is input an initial master password, then as you go you can put in as many passwords as you want for whatever you want, and then name them appropriately (ie. facebook or … [Read more...]

Instantly Access Facebook On Your Mac with FaceTab for Facebook!

Facebook Mac users can instantly access Facebook with the FaceTab for Facebook FREE Mac application. This Mac social networking app is easy to install, FREE, and sits quietly in your menu bar only nagging you when you have a friend request, incoming message, etc. with the … [Read more...]

App Price Drops – Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2011

Below is a list of iPhone and iPad apps that are either FREE or at a reduced price for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2011. Check out our list, share it with friends and download the apps you find interesting and save yourself some money. Happy downloading!!! The iPhone, … [Read more...]