What Does Memorial Day Mean? 6 Apps To Remind Us Why This U.S. Holiday Is So Important!

What Does Memorial Day Mean? What does Memorial Day mean to you? Does it mean the beginning of summer? A day off from work? Or a day to have a barbecue? What Memorial Day really is, is a federal holiday in the United States to remember the men and women who died while … [Read more...]

Awesome Military App Keeps Time & Wakes You With Songs

The Military Clock & Time + Weather app is an awesomely motivating and energizing military app packed with all kinds of great features that pay tribute to the men and women of the United States Military. Not only do you get the practical alarm clock and weather app … [Read more...]

Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders, Epic WWII Air Combat Game (Now Free)

Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders is a console quality WWII air combat game for the iPhone and iPad. This combat shooter game is packed with lots of game modes, awesome planes, and an attention to detail that makes this game stand out. Watch the Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders App … [Read more...]

Barbecue App – Awesome Food Recipes, Time To Fire Up The Grill!

Barbecues and grills always come to mind when I think of Father's Day, 4th of July, and other fun outdoor activities going on during the summer season. They all just seem to go hand in hand. And luckily for all of us, there is a free barbecue app called Barbecues & … [Read more...]

Frontline Commando: D-Day, WWII Pay-to-Play Shooter Game (Video)

Frontline Commando: D-Day is a pay-to-play 3rd Person Shooter game by Glu Games. The game is well made, has loads of gameplay, but Glu's aggressive in app purchase (IAP) model spoils this game a bit. Watch the Frontline Commando: D-Day App Video … [Read more...]

Hills of Glory 3D, Awesome Android Reverse TD Game (Video)

Hills of Glory 3D for Android is a tough reverse tower defense Android game. Hills of Glory 3D requires good strategy, multi-tasking skills and a cool head as you defend your bunker through 21 missions of endless gameplay. Watch the Hills of Glory 3D App Video … [Read more...]

Memorial Day App – Photo App With Holiday Themed Overlays

The iMemorial Day Photography app is the perfect Memorial Day app to capture the day's events. Yes, Memorial Day is the official U.S. holiday to reflect and remember the brave men and women who have died serving our country in military service. And it is also a day of … [Read more...]

Military App – iOS App Pays Homage to Those Who Serve

Military Ranks is an iOS Universal military app that pays homage to the people who have dedicated their careers and lives to serving this country. The men and women who honorably serve the United States of America through military service deserve respect. And as Americans, … [Read more...]