Happy Tree Friends Deadeye Derby, Demented Yet Fun Mobile Multiplayer Game!

The Happy Tree Friends gang is back in a crazy Games app called Happy Tree Friends Deadeye Derby. It's a brutal 1-on-1 slingshot shootout with realtime multiplayer gameplay, 4 game areas, and killer boss battles. And there's a reason this "real time" multiplayer slingshot … [Read more...]

Blastron, Awesome Turn-Based Battle Game, iPhone, Android (Video)

Blastron is an awesome turn-based battle game that is literally a blast! In this mobile game, available for the iPad, iPhone, and Android, you're a mechanized bot warrior playing a deadly game of chicken, either against the computer or online against world wide … [Read more...]

Blitz Brigade – Humorous First Person Shooter, Multiplayer Game (Video)

Blitz Brigade - Online multiplayer shooting action is a humorous First Person Shooter game by Gameloft. This action packed game features 120 missions, online multiplayer gameplay, 5 classes of soldiers, over 100 weapons, and a whole lot more! Watch the Blitz Brigade iPad … [Read more...]

The Fun Run Game Is A Twisted Yet Awesome Multiplayer Game (Video)

The Fun Run game is a crazy, yet somewhat twisted multiplayer for racing game where you play as your favorite cute, forest creature. But, all that cute stuff is out the window once the race starts. Then, it is every forest creature for themselves in a brutalizing racing … [Read more...]