Get Healthy Heart Tips, Break Bad Habits In 30 Days or Less, iOS App

Get healthy heart tips that could save your life, and break bad habits that are putting you at risk for heart disease and stroke with the <30 Days heart app. This free iPhone Healthcare and Fitness app challenges you to take control of your heart health and leads you … [Read more...]

Life Skills For Kids, Learning App – Clean Rooms And Calm Attitudes!

Quit nagging your kids to clean up their rooms and let Tejas and Lollipop inspire them in this wonderfully peculiar learning app that teaches life skills for kids. This iPad Books app is packed with fun music, fresh graphics, likable characters and an imaginative storyline. … [Read more...]

New Years Countdown App, New Year Countdown!!, Happy New Year! (Video)

New Year Countdown‼ is a decent free New Years countdown app. It features a variety of default New Year's Eve backgrounds and has multiple settings for counting down to the New Year. This New Years countdown app works on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and for the Android, … [Read more...]

Slideshow App – Memory Jar – Capture and Share Life’s Precious Moments

As the end of the year draws near, the Memory Jar slideshow app is a great way to take all your precious photos from this year's past events, big and small, and turn them into a nostalgic slideshow for yourself, family and friends to enjoy. In addition to the ability to … [Read more...]

The ESPN College Football App, Best Free College Football App (Video)

ESPN College Football is a free Sports app that is utterly fantastic for college football fans. The ESPN College Football app features news, scores, rankings, a My Teams section, team alerts, and a whole lot more! Watch the ESPN College Football App Video … [Read more...]

Resolution App That Helps You Keep Resolutions (Video)

Dr. Change - Your New Year's Resolution is a resolution app that helps you create a goal, make a real plan of action (including deadlines, etc.), motivates you, and keeps you accountable to those (often forgotten) New Year's Resolutions. Every year most of us make some sort … [Read more...]

Yoga App Takes Yoga Out of the Studio with Deepak Chopra (video)

Updated 01/02/13 - This instructional (video) yoga app has been updated numerous times since the original blog post and yoga app video. The new update features include (by update): Authentic Yoga 1.6 improved problems with routines running 'too fast', Authentic Yoga 1.5 New … [Read more...]

App to Relax to: Rain, Rain – Free Sleep Sounds for iPhone

Need an app to relax and wash away your stress? The Rain, Rain - Free Sleep Sounds app (for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) will instantly calm you as you listen to its soothing rain (sound) tracks. This free app to relax comes with 3 pleasant rain sounds of varying rain … [Read more...]

5 New Years Apps To Ring In The New Year For iPhone, iPad or Android!

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Times Square Official New Years Eve Ball App – 2012 Free

Times Square Official New Year’s Eve Ball App - 2012 is a New Year's Eve app that works on the iPhone, iPod Touch and Android devices, and is the official Times Square New Year's Eve ball countdown app. This New Year's Eve app also gives you a chance to be seen on the … [Read more...]