Introducing Race A Maze, A Massive Free Physics Puzzle Game for iOS and Android!

You don't have to be a puzzle expert to enjoy playing Race A Maze, a massive new physics puzzle game for iOS and Android. This casual puzzle game features a funny backstory complete with a battle between good and evil. And of course, you are the good guy, a heroic gopher … [Read more...]

Angry 2048 Game Combines Angry Birds Influence and 2048 Puzzle Gameplay!

The Angry 2048 game by Skynetric has an Angry Birds influence combined with 2048 puzzle gameplay, providing for a fun and unique puzzle game that is challenging, addictive, and hard to put down! The Angry 2048 Game Video! SUBSCRIBE>   2048 Game - … [Read more...]

Flick Game, Fearless Bob – Fun, Challenging, Addictive iOS Game (Video)

Fearless Bob is an addictive “flick game" that challenges you to rescue your friends from the clutches of Harold the hungry monster. This challenging casual game features 30 puzzling levels of physics gameplay, 6 unique game areas - and is completely free to … [Read more...]

How To Play Cut The Rope 2 Walkthrough Video Review for iPad

Find out how to play Cut the Rope 2 and get an overview of this fun iOS physics puzzle game. More Om Nom means more fun! Yep, Zeptolab breaks bad with 120 new puzzling levels of physics gameplay in new areas, introducing 5 new "Nommies" characters, cool hats, and … [Read more...]

Steampunk Game – Once Upon A Light, Tricky iPhone Puzzle Game! (Video)

Once Upon a Light is a quirky steampunk game with challenging physics puzzle gameplay for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire devices. This $0.99 puzzle game is packed with 90 levels of tricky gameplay, an engaging love story, and several different game areas to unlock. … [Read more...]

Mr Crab Game – Fresh iOS Game That Takes You Higher and Higher (Video)

Up ye go, Matey! in Mr Crab, a unique iPhone and iPad arcade game featuring 44 levels of gameplay, 8 boss battles, and a variety of game areas. The Developer, Illusion Labs, adds a literal twist to the regular jumper gameplay making the Mr Crab app stand out from the rest. … [Read more...]

Sky Tourist – Discover An Exciting Universe With Petey Pendant

Prepare for a fun iOS physics puzzle game adventure when you play Sky Tourist by Alexander Lading. Sky Tourist is a unique physics puzzle game that will challenge your problem solving skills using both sides of your brain. Travel across the Universe as Petey Pendant solving … [Read more...]

Tiny Wings HD – Magnificent on the iPad! (Video) Now Free

Tiny Wings HD lets you fly, jump and slide through the air on your iPad in a simple yet very fun game. This laid-back game now comes with 3 game modes, Lifesaver-type graphics, and changing backgrounds each day. Tiny Wings HD App Video!- SUBSCRIBE>> … [Read more...]

King Oddball , Crazy Funny iOS Game (Video)

King Oddball (by 10Tons) is not your everyday iOS Universal game, it is a fresh and weird casual game with subtle, but graphically cool artwork throughout. This weirdly fun game features an Odd King with a super long tongue who uses boulders to kill his enemies throughout … [Read more...]