Dragon & Shoemaker, Challenging 3D Platformer Game for Android!

Run, jump, roll and fight your way through 50 challenging levels of 3D side-scrolling platform gameplay in the Android Arcade game, Dragon & Shoemaker. This game transports you to a place in medieval Krakow, Poland, where you traverse your way through 5 game areas … [Read more...]

Banana Kong, Donkey Kong Inspired Android Endless Runner Game, (Video)

Jump, run, swing and ride your way through this addictive and free Banana Kong endless runner game for Android! This free Android game is action packed and features numerous game areas, dynamic game creation, and lots of fun! Watch The Banana Kong Android Video Now!- … [Read more...]

League of Evil 2, Punch Your Way Through 100s of Levels (iPhone Video)

League of Evil 2 is a killer, a fun micro-frenzied platformer game that picks up where the first game left off. Yes, "Evil Scientists" are in the works to take over the world, but not before you pummel them into the ground. This iOS Games app features a rich cartoon … [Read more...]

Mikey Hooks, Fun Retro Platformer Game That’ll Get You Hooked!(Video)

Mikey is back in another awesome retro platformer game called Mikey Hooks! Mikey now uses hooks to traverse his way through 6 unique platform areas with 36 overall levels throughout 2 game modes. And with 220+ disguises to wear, you can be any Mikey you want. You probably … [Read more...]

Banana Kong, Funny, Fast Paced iPad Endless Runner Game (Video)

Banana Kong is a funny endless runner game for the iPad. This game features a very large monkey that runs, jumps, and dashes in an attempt to outrun a humongous pile of bananas chasing after him. If you want to find out more about this app and to see how this game plays, … [Read more...]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Rooftop Run, Free Game? (Video)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Rooftop Run finally brings the "Turtles" to an iOS game, but you need to watch this video before you pay for this app!   Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Rooftop Run iPad Video Review YouTube Link Nickelodeon brings the … [Read more...]

Leps World Platform Game – Me Found Me Lucky Charms!

Leps World is a fun, Irish-themed iPhone platform game that gives you a taste of what the full version of this game is like, Leps World Plus. This game reminds me of the classic platform game, Super Mario Bros., but with a sort of an "Irish Jig" feel. Watch The Leps … [Read more...]

Mikey Shorts Halloween – More Free Platformer Fun (Video)

Mikey Shorts Halloween gives you a taste of a Halloween themed retro platformer game. This free iPhone and iPad game features Mikey Shorts tricked out for Halloween with plenty of scary disguises. I first met Mikey Shorts while playing BeaverTap Games first iPhone and iPad … [Read more...]

Mega Run Is Mega Platform Game Fun for iPhone and iPad (Video)

From the creator's of Mega Jump by Get Set Games comes Mega Run Redford's Adventure, an absolutely awesome and fun platformer game that you can enjoy for free! http://youtu.be/-b0oBULdfxw Game Overview Mega Jump introduced us to the cute, red-fanged monster Redford … [Read more...]