Disney App Makes Learning American Presidents Factual and Fun!

This Disney app is hands down the most fun you and your kids will ever have learning about American Presidents and American History. Disney does what it does best, and that is entertain kids of all ages. But don't let the entertainment factor discount the educational value … [Read more...]

iPad Strategy Game, Cuba’s Days HD Will Test Your Leadership! (Video)

Cuba's Days HD is an iPad strategy game that challenges your ability to call the shots and role-play as President JFK during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Every decision you make changes the course of history in this game, which includes 18 different outcomes. And the outcome of … [Read more...]

Buy American – App for Online Shopping, Products Made In America!

It may seem like American made products are a thing of the past, but the Keep America iPhone and iPad app makes it easy for you to find and buy American. Keep America proudly touts itself as the "#1 online source for ALL things made in the USA" and prominently displays its … [Read more...]

The Branches – Who Is In Charge of The US Government?

The Branches iPhone and iPad app helps us understand the US government and issues of governing authority. The Branches (by Inventacy) is an Education app that provides a very simple and basic knowledge about the three branches representing our United States governing powers … [Read more...]

Bash The Vote – You Decide, Whack-A-Mole Presidential Game

The Bash the Vote iPhone, iPad, and Android app makes voting way more fun! Instead of the boring voting process where you wait in a line, to vote you get to "Bash The Vote" The developers at CleverFox Software created a much more engaging voting process. Simply bash the … [Read more...]

DNC App – DNC 2012 Democrat National Convention App

The DNC App, DNC 2012 is an iOS Universal News application that will keep you informed of the Democrat National Presidential Convention for 2012. AT&T Services created both DNC 2012 and the Tampa 2012 Republican National Presidential Convention app. But, strangely the … [Read more...]

VoteMe – Become the Next Social President App (Video)

VoteMe let's you run for public office with the new Free iPhone and Android social networking game. Become the next Social President by gaining the most popular votes through the Facebook social network. Some of you out there have probably had the desire … [Read more...]

Bush Bobblehead – The Great Orator Humor iPhone App

The Bush Bobblehead iPhone app brings back memories of former President George W. Bush's awesome orating abilities. This app has over 100 classic George W. Bush sayings in the man's own words. This app would be great for parties, Democrats, or anyone looking for a quick … [Read more...]