Angry 2048 Game Combines Angry Birds Influence and 2048 Puzzle Gameplay!

The Angry 2048 game by Skynetric has an Angry Birds influence combined with 2048 puzzle gameplay, providing for a fun and unique puzzle game that is challenging, addictive, and hard to put down! The Angry 2048 Game Video! SUBSCRIBE>   2048 Game - … [Read more...]

Dwarven Den – Challenging, New Puzzle Game That May Drive You Crazy! (Video)

Dwarven Den - The Mining Puzzle Game is a new, free arcade-style puzzle game that features loads of levels with a Candy Crush Saga type game map. In this game, you will need to find some fellow dwarves to unlock a forge to make new equipment, a market to buy and sell stuff, … [Read more...]

Puzzle Breaker for iOS, Fast-Paced RPG Puzzle Matching Game (Video)

Puzzle Breaker for iOS is a fast-paced RPG puzzle matching game featuring 210 levels, 3 difficulty settings, skill upgrades, power-ups and lots of unique monsters to defeat! Puzzle Breaker is not your regular matching game where you mindlessly match colored blocks to win. … [Read more...]

Help The Dog – Mind-Twisting Logic Puzzles Inside New iOS Puzzle Game!

Help the Dog find Candy and escape a nasty witch named Bruhilda in this mind-twisting iOS puzzle game featuring more than 45 levels of gameplay, an additional expert game mode, bonus levels, and cool accessories for your dog hero! Help The Dog iPad App Review Video! … [Read more...]

Encircle The Turtle 2, Challenging iOS Puzzle App..50 Brain-Tingling Logic Puzzles!

Put your thinking cap on before you play Encircle The Turtle 2, a new and challenging iOS puzzle app for the iPhone and iPad. This brain tingling logic puzzler is the follow up to the "top rated" original iPhone game, Encircle The Turtle. This latest version, much … [Read more...]

Brain Training App, Memory House – A Great Memory Puzzle Game!

Memory House is a new memory puzzle game that is more than just a whimsical game for the iPhone and iPad. It can also double as a fun brain training app. Although your brain is one organ among many, it is different than any other organ in your body. Your brain is the control … [Read more...]

Steampunk Game – Once Upon A Light, Tricky iPhone Puzzle Game! (Video)

Once Upon a Light is a quirky steampunk game with challenging physics puzzle gameplay for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire devices. This $0.99 puzzle game is packed with 90 levels of tricky gameplay, an engaging love story, and several different game areas to unlock. … [Read more...]

Cool Instagram Game – Pixol, A Unique Photo Puzzle iPhone Game!

Pixol is a cool, new Instagram game that may change photo puzzle games forever! As most people know, Instagram is a giant photo sharing app now owned by Facebook! This social media community is all about sharing photos and short videos with others. You can follow people, … [Read more...]

This Android Brain Training App May Improve Your Memory? (Video)

The new Familiar Faces game is an Android brain training app that will test your ability to recognize faces. This free Android face recognition game challenges you through 4 game packs and 60 overall levels to see how well you know your friends, celebrity and other famous … [Read more...]

The Lost City – Spectacular iPhone Mystery/Puzzle Game

The Lost City will immediately captivate you with the stunning 3D graphics seen throughout this iPhone adventure puzzle game. This app features a plethora of puzzles, a journal, a map, and a hint guide to help you solve the mysteries of the Lost City. Watch the The Lost … [Read more...]