PlunderNauts, Engaging Space Battle Pirate Game – Multiplayer Is On The Way!

Arrr, Matey! Load the cannons, blasters, missiles (or whatever) and fire away as ye battle your way through space in PlunderNauts. Space has become the new "high seas" and ungoverned galaxies are ripe for the plundering, so let's see how PlunderNauts stacks up as Backflip … [Read more...]

New Combat Sim Game, MEG RVO – Up and Coming iPad MMO/ARTS Game!

MEG RVO is a new combat simulation game that aims to become a massive multiplayer online game for the iPad. While this is a tall order, the developer, Skunkwerks Kinetic Industries, is off to a great start with this free-to-play top down game. MEG RVO Combat Sim Game … [Read more...]

Starborn Wanderers HD, Massive iPad RPG Game (Video)

Starborn Wanderers HD is an epic iPad RPG game that takes you on an engaging quest across the universe as a "Wanderer." Explore a huge galaxy as you play through turn-based battle gameplay on your iPad, upgrade to dozens of spaceships, complete missions, contracts and … [Read more...]

Assassins Creed Pirates, Fun Turn Based iOS Strategy Game (Video)

Sail the high seas and plunder your way to the top in Assassins Creed Pirates, a decent turn based iPad strategy game. You're a ruthless pirate starting off from the bottom of the pirates and working your way to the top. This iPad pirate game has a decent amount of game … [Read more...]

iPad Strategy Game, Cuba’s Days HD Will Test Your Leadership! (Video)

Cuba's Days HD is an iPad strategy game that challenges your ability to call the shots and role-play as President JFK during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Every decision you make changes the course of history in this game, which includes 18 different outcomes. And the outcome of … [Read more...]