Awesome Military App Keeps Time & Wakes You With Songs

The Military Clock & Time + Weather app is an awesomely motivating and energizing military app packed with all kinds of great features that pay tribute to the men and women of the United States Military. Not only do you get the practical alarm clock and weather app … [Read more...]

5 Free Money Saving Apps For Military, Veterans And Their Families!

I've searched high and low throughout the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store to find 5 Free Money Saving Apps that offer special discounts and savings on products and services specifically for U.S. Veterans, Military Retirees, Active Military Duty, Military Reservists, … [Read more...]

Buy American – App for Online Shopping, Products Made In America!

It may seem like American made products are a thing of the past, but the Keep America iPhone and iPad app makes it easy for you to find and buy American. Keep America proudly touts itself as the "#1 online source for ALL things made in the USA" and prominently displays its … [Read more...]

Military App – iOS App Pays Homage to Those Who Serve

Military Ranks is an iOS Universal military app that pays homage to the people who have dedicated their careers and lives to serving this country. The men and women who honorably serve the United States of America through military service deserve respect. And as Americans, … [Read more...]

iChill iPhone App – Real Coping Skills For People in Crisis

If you're feeling overwhelmed by life's constant stressors or by a recent/past traumatic event, then you will probably benefit from the 5 coping skills taught in the iChill app by Trauma Resource Institute, Inc. … [Read more...]