Make A Halloween Pumpkin – Pumpkin Carving Fun Without The Mess

How do you create a Halloween pumpkin without all the mess? Use the Make A Halloween Pumpkin iPhone app. This iOS Entertainment app provides some clean, Halloween-themed fun that the whole family can sink their hands into...well, not literally. The Make A Halloween … [Read more...]

Wallpapers iOS 7 edition – Got iOS 7 Wallpapers? (Video)

Are you looking for awesome wallpapers for your iPhone? Well, look no further than Wallpapers iOS 7 edition, because this iPhone app has loads of wallpaper categories, lots of awesome images, and it's super easy to use. You will find tons of high quality Bing images … [Read more...]

Fancy Balloon, Simply Magical Android Live Wallpaper (Video)

Fancy Balloon is a simply magical, amusement-park-themed live wallpaper app that's free for the Android. This live wallpaper app features whimsical Japanese-inspired graphics with animated balloons that float from the bottom to the top of the screen. And, these colorful … [Read more...]

Color Splash Wallpapers App – 100,000 Dynamic Images

The Color Splash Wallpapers app will add a dynamic splash of color and visual interest to your iPhone or iPad. This Entertainment app features a large gallery of quality HD images with eye popping colors and intriguing designs. You're bound to find something amazing as you … [Read more...]

911 Lights Live Wallpaper-Excellent 9/11/01 Memorial App

While the anniversary of 09/11/01, was yesterday, we found a very worthy free Android live wallpaper app called 911 Lights Live Wallpaper to commemorate and remember the innocent victims killed by terrorists at the World Trade Center, Shanksville, PA and the … [Read more...]

ZEDGE App, #1 Free Android Wallpapers and Ringtones App (Video)

Set your Android free with the ZEDGE app! This free Android app provides 1,000s of free, high quality Android wallpapers, Android ringtones, and Android notifications sounds, all which can be download for free. Watch the ZEDGE App Video Now! SUBSCRIBE … [Read more...]

Pimp Your Screen and Ride In Style, iPhone and iPad (Video)

Get awesome wallpapers, shelves and app icons on your mobile device with the Pimp Your Screen app. This iOS Universal app was recently updated and in a big way, now providing a smoother user interface, millions of Home/Lock screen and high quality wallpaper combinations, … [Read more...]

Awesome Clock Live Wallpaper, Lives Up To Its Name!

The Awesome Clock Live Wallpaper app for Android is Today's New App of The Day! Awesome Clock Live Wallpaper is a very well done wallpaper app that also comes with a clock, date, temperature and battery status. This Android app gives you a whole lot for free! If you have … [Read more...]

Christmas Wallpapers, Free iPhone App – Merry Christmas

It's that time of year again when many of us are looking to add a festive holiday touch to our iPhones and Christmas Wallpapers is a free iPhone Christmas wallpaper app that gives you a decent amount of good quality, themed wallpapers that you can share and download to your … [Read more...]

Avoid This Free Thanksgiving Wallpapers iPhone App (Video)

You may want to avoid this free Thanksgiving wallpapers iPhone app. Yes, you can get plenty of free Thanksgiving wallpapers from this app, share those wallpapers, and even play a simple slide puzzle game for each wallpaper. But, this Thanksgiving themed app has a few … [Read more...]