Word-A-Fall – Fast Paced, Letter-Dropping iPhone Word Game: Got Words?

WANTED: quick-thinking word aficionado to form words from falling letters while playing a fun, fast paced, letter-dropping, online multiplayer word game. Which is exactly what you will do in the Word-A-Fall iPhone game. While you don't really have to be a "word … [Read more...]

Free Word Game App, Wordistic – Unique Arcade Word Game! (Video)

Wordistic is a fast-paced word game app featuring intense letter-dropping and word-making arcade gameplay. If you are looking for an interesting spin on word games, Wordistic should be right up your alley. This free word game by mushDevstudio features 3 levels of … [Read more...]

Hangman App, Classic Doodle-Style Hangman Game for iPhone and iPad, Free

Although the exact time and history behind the classic hangman game remains a bit of a mystery, the arrival of this new Hangman app is not. "Hangman - to hang or not to hang - that is the question" is a free iPhone and iPad Games app by Andrii Tkach, and is a recent addition … [Read more...]

St Patrick’s Day Word Search Game – Learn Irish Words With WordSeek St. Patrick, Free App

St. Patty’s Day is the perfect time to break out the St Patrick’s Day word search puzzles for some Irish themed fun on your iPad. With the WordSeek St. Patrick app, by HG Apps Store Ltd., you can challenge yourself to find authentic Irish words, Irish names, Irish towns, and … [Read more...]

Words of Wonder – Epic Free Word Game, Disney App (Video)

Words of Wonder is obviously a word game, but it's also a fun, free Disney app with similarities to the Candy Crush Saga for Android game. And, you'll also be introduced to Watson The Owl, one of Disney's newest animated stars, in this iOS word search game. Watch The … [Read more...]

Explore One Of The Best and Biggest Free Hidden Object Games For iPad

Dream: Hidden Adventure is one of the most magically adventurous and free hidden object games for iPad. This fairytale adventure weaves in a huge amount of hidden object gameplay into its extensive storyline that revolves around Dreams, Nightmares and Absurdities. The … [Read more...]

Fun Kids’ Educational Games In Grandpa’s Workshop!

Grandpa's Workshop is packed with 7 fun kids' educational games that deliver more than just entertainment value for 2-6 year olds. Created as a collaborative effort between an Education Psychologist and parents of young children, this iOS Universal Education app goes beyond … [Read more...]

Halloween WordSearch App With Spooky Sounds And Animations

While hunting for a fun and free Halloween-themed word search app, I came across Halloween WordSearch. This iOS Universal Games app appears pretty unassuming at first but upon a closer look I uncovered some little hidden details that changed my mind.   Halloween … [Read more...]

King of Words – Intense, Fast Paced, Multiplayer iOS Word Game (Video)

Prepare for a mental word challenge as you play King of Words, an iOS word game for your iPhone or iPad. Each game is 3 minutes of 1-on-1 word building gameplay where you're trying to score more points than your opponent. However, there are many power-ups to help you along … [Read more...]

Word Search Puzzles App – Great Way to Kill A little Time For Free

The Word Search Puzzles app is an iOS Universal Games app that has been holding its own for awhile now in the Top Free iPhone and iPad app categories in the iTunes App Store. So I wanted to see what this free app had to offer.   Word Search Puzzles has a simple … [Read more...]