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Talking Alexander (by Traduko) is a language translation app that makes traveling to foreign places easier because it professionally translates over 300 useful phrases between 9 different languages (the other 2 are in the works), and conveniently categorizes relevant topics into categories and subcategories. Talking Alexander also has the ability to speak your typed text back to you in a translated language of your choosing. This FREE iPhone travel app could be a lifesaver when in a foreign country and unable to speak the native language. Talking Alexander has 2 main translation functions, the first being the phrase section that has numerous common categories related to traveling, with many of the categories broken down into subcategories. Phrases is a good place to start when looking for common sayings, questions, etc. — you will find hundreds of these in this section.

Talking Alexander iPhone Travel App ReviewsTalking Alexander iPhone Travel App Reviews

However, if you do not find what you are looking for in the the phrases section, you can translate anything in the second translation area of this app, that can be accessed by tapping on the speech bubble on the navigation menu of the second area. This translation area has a nice slide wheel to select both the language to be translated and the language you want your words translated into. Type your desired text in the box above, and with a quick tap of your finger, your translation is complete with an audio voice (if purchased) that will speak the translation for your selected language. You can also email, text or copy the translation to your iPhone clipboard. Talking Alexander is FREE, but the voices, which are multiples in most cases, for the various languages sell for $1.99 each — which is reasonable. The only things I felt were lacking in this application was a Help section to explain how to use the app, and a language indicator tag for the different named voices, because I purchased several of the voice choices and later forgot which names went with what language. But overall, Talking Alexander is a fantastic language translation application with a minimalist but extremely intuitive user interface (for this type of application) and would definitely be a great travel app to have. For more iPhone app videos check out our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Talking Alexander iPhone App Details

Title: Talking Alexander
Price: FREE
Category: Travel
Size: 12.0 MB
Developer: Traduko
Store: iTunes App Store

iPhone App Download Link

Talking Alexander - Traduko

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iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone
The ultimate language companion!
Apart from one of the easiest-to-use translation tools, Alexander also contains
more than 300 phrases in 23 different categories to help you communicate on your trip!

The phrases have been professionally translated into 11 languages.

Going to a restaurant but you’re allergic to lactose? No problem! Alexander is there to help you.

• Please note that voices are available as in-app purchases and may be downloaded by tapping the speaker icon.


• Listen to any phrase or word using advanced text-to-speech technology!
• 23 categories and 300 phrases
• 11 languages! English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Swedish, Japanese, Chinese, • Italian, Portuguese and Russian.
• Pronunciation screen! Type anything into the box and listen to the voice!
• Learn numbers using audio! Type in any number and learn how to pronounce it!
• More than 40 different voices available for download.
• No internet connection needed for the phrases.
• No internet connection needed to use the voices.

(However, the translation part of Alexander requires an active internet connection.)

Have you got a suggestion for Alexander? Please send us an email!

The application features text translation in between 11 different languages.

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