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Talking Lila the Fairy for iPad – Fantastically Free!

Talking Lila the Fairy for iPad (by Out Fit 7 ltd) is another one of those talking/repeating applications that people can’t seem to get enough of. Out Fit 7 has several apps in this genre like Talking Santa for iPad HD a very fun and interactive app featuring a jovial Santa Claus. But, this particular Entertainment app has recently gone from $2.99 to FREE for a limited time and is currently holding its own on the iTunes App Store. Lila is a pretty, petite fairy who also comes with a squeaky little fairy voice. You’ll find that Lila is happy to entertain you by performing a variety of amusing tricks and responds accordingly to your pokes, swipes and taps. Lila also sings (more like hums) 4 different melodies and readily repeats whatever you say. But to make things a little more interesting, this iPad app has a 2 different background scenes: a Day and Night Mode, each has similar and different interactions as well as plenty of options within this app to share your funny recorded interactions with Lila for others to see through a variety of social networks.


The graphics in this app are very nicely done, almost magical with all the sparkling fairy dust and twinkling sounds. If you swipe, poke or tap Lila, you’ll discover the many responsive effects she is subject to: like tickling her to make her giggle, swiping the top of her head to her feet to make her topple forward, swiping her either left or right to make her do dizzying spins, and encircling her with multiplying flowers (when you make circular motions with your finger around her face). In addition to these responses, a couple of more pokes and you will see her make 2 different crazy and creepy looking faces. Lila is always waiting and listening to repeat every word you say, which can get a little irritating after awhile (but don’t they all?) due to her high pitch voice and no apparent “voice-repeat-off” button. Obviously, the lower pitch your voice is the less high pitched her voice will be.

Aside from poking and tapping her, you can make Lila perform random magical tricks with the help of her fairy dust, once you tap on the wand icon (lower left) you’ll activate things like bugs and flowers, and even have fun playing the musical chiming bells of the Lily-of-the–Valley flower in the Daytime Mode or sparkling lights and popping bubbles in the Nighttime Mode. Although both modes have a nice variety of interactions, I liked the beautiful calming aura of Night Mode as Lila sits on top of a Gerber Daisy flower awaiting your commands. Each mode has 2 unique songs that Lila performs. Speaking of performing, you can record and share your own interactive and animated videos of Lila. Once you record your segment, you can save in to your camera roll, upload it to YouTube, upload to Facebook or send through E-Mail. I did a quick test and sent an email to CrazyMike and saved my recording to my camera roll also, each arrived to their destinations fast as lightning and the cool things is the video file opened complete with animations and sounds although CrazyMike was a little disturbed by his fairy greeting.

One thing I always look for in an application is a information/help area. This iPad app didn’t appear to have one readily available, but it did magically pop up a “How To Play” screen during the time that I was relentlessly spinning Lila and testing the interactions. After a while, Lila’s high-pitch shrill voice, giggles and same 2 creepy facial reactions could get old, but overall I think Talking Lila the Fairy for iPad is very nicely done interactive talking app with pretty graphics and fun, engaging interactions. There are no in app purchases of any kind and best of all — this iPad Entertainment app is completely Free for a limited time. Check out all of our iPad app reviews. Mrs. Crazy Mike

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