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Talking Santa App for iPhone, Off The Hook Santa Fun (Video)

Have some Holiday fun using your iPhone and the hilarious Talking Santa app! This funny talking app features a bit of a wild Santa character who repeats what you have to say; he also gives you presents, eats cookies and milk, and more! With this app, you can send really funny Christmas eCards, like Santa bearing his boxer-covered butt with the Christmas greeting “Merry Christmas.”

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Out Fit 7 is the creator of this entertaining Christmas app and many others such as Talking Pierre. The Talking Santa app (for iPhone) features an edgy Santa who is both naughty and nice, depending on how you treat him.

Santa is typically nice in this Entertainment app, unless you mistreat him, which is natural. You will have to watch the App Video to see all the different things that you can do to Santa. Another funny Christmas app is the ElfYourself, with this app you can turn yourself and others into dancing elves!

Talking Santa is also available for the iPad, as well as the Android in the Google Play App Store.

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