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Talking Shapes Is A Groundbreaking iPad Education Alphabet App (Video)

Talking Shapes is a groundbreaking children’s Education alphabet app that helps kids learn to read and write in an engaging format! This alphabet learning app revolves around a storyline featuring 2 sisters who invent the alphabet (Nat and Pat),and 3 interactive books that include stories, games, and other learning activities.

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If you want your child to learn how to read and write using the latest learning methods, then Talking Shapes is the perfect learning app for you. Noted neuropsychologist, Dr. Jeannine Herron, created Talking Shapes with the help of a grant from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. This children’s early learning app focuses on the newest solutions to help children learn more effectively.

Kids will find that the 3 included storybooks are more than books. Each provides a fun way to learn with engaging and thought provoking letter and word teaching. For example, kids will draw letters that appear on images several times, even on the image itself, which helps them to remember the letter. The letter sound is also spoken during the time they practice drawing letters to reinforce the sound with the image. Talking Shapes focuses on speech sounds, called phonemes and, of course, letter sounds called phonics. Besides the 3 books and included writing activities, there are reinforcing word games to further engage kids in this learning method as they learn to read and write the alphabet.

Be sure to watch the Talking Shapes iPad Video for a complete demonstration of how this Education app works.

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