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Tank Game – iBomber Attack, Shell Blasting Fun!

While the title is a bit misleading, and would be better called iBomber Tank Attack, the new iBomber series iBomber Attack is a load of fun. You will get your blood pumping with heart pounding arcade-tank-blasting action as you play through 24 huge levels, 2 difficulty settings, upgrades, power-ups and more. The iBomber games have been around since 05/2009, when Cobra Mobile Limited released the original iBomber iPhone game.

There have been several follow ups: iBomber Defense an iBomber style tower defense game, iBomber Pacific, more plane bombing fun, and now this iBomber tank game. This title is probably my favorite, but it took a few minutes to get the hang of driving and blasting in this dual stick shooter game. You drive through classic WWII environments with an era appropriate tank blasting buildings, ground units, tanks, ships, and anything else that gets in your way. Most everything can be destroyed, including your tank, but there are power-ups and upgrades available to help you along the way.

There are 2 difficulty settings and the levels are rather large. The iBomber series’ games all sell for $2.99, which to me is overpriced. However, this game is currently only $0.99 and a great value at this price — so grab it while you can and get into the tank bombing fun. Watch our iBomber Attack iPad App Video Review for a look at this Games application.


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