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Tune Cruiser – Tap Game, No Ordinary Tap-To-Music Game

The new Tune Cruiser tap game lets you tap to the rhythm of your own iTunes music. Explore your iPod music library with this musical tap game that features uploading of songs into the game, Facebook challenges, scoring leader boards, and more!

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This music game is very similar to other musical tap games, yet more sophisticated. The typical tap gameplay objective is to tap on a moving colored shape at a specific point to score points. Tune Cruiser is similar, but this music game uses the Echonest music analysis technology, which is more advanced than your normal musical tap game engine.



You will actually learn the rhythm, or at least be able tap along to the music’s beat as you play to your own songs. This is another big difference between Tune Cruiser and others. Many, if not most, musical tap games make you buy music or songs to keep on playing. Tune Cruiser is a 1x purchase, and you can play to all of your iTunes songs. Each song provides a different tap game based on that song’s rhythm. Intense and fast-paced music is going to be very challenging, but a slow love song will be more like a beginning game mode, suitable for Mrs. CrazyMike (jk). Tune Cruiser is also integrated with Facebook for challenging your friends and posting scores.



Tune Cruiser opens up a whole new world of musical tap gameplay that lets you play a tap game to your own tunes!

YouTube App Video Link: Tune Cruiser iPhone App Review – CrazyMikesapps [powerpress]


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