Tap Tap Rescue for iPad..Save Tap Tap from the Evil Doctor!

The “teddy bear” is representative of many children’s fond memories so when an evil doctor takes a kids’ “teddy bear” as in Tap Tap Rescue, game on. Tap Tap Rescue developed by Poldata sp.j is a fun casual game that features some very colorful and playful graphics with challenging physics game play. Your teddy bear “Tap Tap” has been abducted by evil Doctor Baribald Becter and it is your job to save “Tap Tap” from the clutches of this evil doctor. There are currently 64 levels of game play with apparently double that in future updates. Tap Tap Rescue is a sleeper universal iOS app that provides some much needed game relief. Watch our other iPad video app demos for more awesome iPad app videos. CM

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Tap Tap Rescue iPad App Details

Title: Tap Tap Rescue
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Developer: Poldata sp.j
Store: iTunes App Store

Tap Tap Rescue iPad App Download Link

Tap Tap Rescue - Poldata sp.j.

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Tap Tap Rescue iPad App Developers Description

On sale to celebrate launch! A new, exciting tap & destroy puzzle game with natural physics. Solve the puzzle and rescue Tap Tap, destroying concrete blocks, glass or wood. Beware of balloons and mysterious energy vortexes, or use them if you want to rise to a challenge! But be very careful – you must put Tap Tap’s cage on the ground very gently. If you knock it over, you will lose your lovely teddy bear forever.

The story.

It was a rainy, cloudy day, but in fact – a day like many others. I remember my teddy bear lying in a small, comfortable bed. A storm had broken. Tap Tap was afraid of storms, so we hugged and as usually, I sang him a lullaby…

It was a moment. A dazzling lightning, a loud thunder and somebody at my bedroom’s doors. Tap Tap, where are you?!

Where are you, my friend?

Who’s been so cruel to kidnap my teddy bear? A scrap of paper left on the floor explained everything. It was a short letter: “Do you remember me? You said I would never get Tap Tap. Now he is in my hands and my laboratory works again! Don’t try to rescue him – there are too many traps for your little brain, detective Novak.”

Doctor Baribald Becter, the Bear Ripper! Hey Doc, challenge accepted! If you think I am going to give my friend up, you are wrong! For you, he is just a toy, but he is MY toy and last but not least, I am a detective!

But two heads are better than one. Could you help me rescue Tap Tap, please? Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition and nobody expects a rescue team!

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