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Tap Times Tables-Multiplication Fun-Kids Education App!

Looking for an app that will make learning math facts a little more fun? Tap Times Tables – Multiplication Fun (by PKCLsoft) is an encouraging iPhone and iPad Education app that rewards kids as they practice and learn their multiplication tables. This is done while playing in a fun winter environment, with multiple learning modes to choose from, supported by numerous languages, and with an interactive learning calculator to practice on.

Although Math was never my strongest subject in school, multiplication learning was one part of the arithmetic program that I really got, but I probably would have done even better and had a lot more fun learning my multiplication tables had I used this iOS Education app.

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There are several learning modes: a Challenge Mode that has lots of questions and an excellent “Learning Calculator” that allows kids to practice their 1 to 12 multiplication tables by entering any of these numbers into their own created math problems, with no worry of ever getting a wrong answer — it’s like a freeplay type area. There are also a number of little nuances that make this game very appealing and enjoyable to 4th through 6th graders (the app’s targeted audience), but we all know older kids (and maybe Mom and Dad) who could use this app as well. The main learning modes are Mastery and Memory Booster Mode (which is considerably harder).

Mastery Mode challenges kids to learn a specific multiplication table from 1 to 12, and once successfully completed, they will receive a reward and complete an achievement in Apple Game Center for that number. The reward is the opportunity to unlock a new missile choice to pop bubbles with, other than the standard acorn (I will let you figure this out). During this game mode if kids get a wrong answer they can try again or move on to another problem. Memory Booster is a bit harder. This game mode, like Mastery, asks 12 questions and if you miss any of them you must start over, that is where the “much harder” part comes in — and this is probably the reason it is called “Memory Booster.”

ipad video app demo

Some of the nuances mentioned before are the “Alvin and the Chipmunk” sounding squirrels that encourage kids along the way as they answer questions, as well as the acorns that continue to stockpile underground as the correct answers are given for the questions. The Challenge Mode is probably the toughest mode of them all as kids will typically have to answer between 100 and 130 questions in a row trying to beat the high score shown before starting.

There is leader board scoring for Mastery Mode where you or your child can try to be the top multiplier for this iPad and iPhone Education game. One feature worth mentioning is that this game was made with kids in mind by not including any ads, nor errant navigation paths to lead kids out of the app, nor any in app purchases — making it ultimately kid friendly.

One other thing that’s missing is a help or instructional guide, but this is replaced by numerous drop-downs and bottom pop-ups that explain and instruct users along the way. Tap Times Tables – Multiplication Fun is a great way for kids to learn math facts using a fun and interesting “edugame.” So, if your kids need and encouraging and fun way to learn or practice their multiplication tables, you may want to check this one out. Be sure to watch the iPad video app demo for a complete look at how this iPad and iPhone education application works. Watch our other iPad video app demos . Crazy Mike

Tap Times Tables – Multiplication Fun iPad App Details

Title: Tap Times Tables – Multiplication Fun
Price: $2.99
Size: 20.6 MB
Category: Education
Developer: pkclSoft
Store: iTunes App Store

Tap Times Tables – Multiplication Fun iPad App Download Link

Tap Times Tables - Multiplication Fun - pkclSoft

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Tap Times Tables – Multiplication Fun iPad Developers App Description

iOS Universal

Tap Times Tables is a wonderful learning and practising tool for kids in grades 4 to 6 (or higher for some of us) that need some help with their Times Tables.

It provides a fun, friendly interface that enables kids to improve their knowledge of the all-important Times Tables in an interactive and encouraging manner.

It tries to use positive reinforcement to help the kids move forward with their learning.

* Works on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Share it around the family!
* Multiple modes of learning.
* Rewards for completing / mastering each times table!
* Multilingual. Supports English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Serbian (both Latin and Cyrillic)
* Fun learning calculator so that kids can ask questions, not just answer them.
* Highly configurable. Choose 1 table at a time or up to 12.
* Game Centre integration. Watch your scores climb the leaderboard.
* Timed questions add to the fun of learning.
* Tips and tricks are displayed throughout the game.


“…we really liked these practice applications. The gaming aspect really met my kids interests. It doesn’t teach you how to do the math but it certainly was much more engaging than any worksheet my daughter has done!”

*** And from another reviewer:

“All in all, Tap Times Tables (PKCLsoft) is an enjoyable and unique mutilplication exercise for a great price.”

For more information about how to play, please see my website.

PKCLsoft is a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families.

PKCLsoft takes children’s privacy very seriously. This kids app:
– Does not collect any information
– Does not contain ads
– Does not contain in-app purchases
– Does not contain integration with social networks
– Does not use analytics / data collection tools
– Does include a link to Tap Times Tables in the iTunes AppStore

*Disclosure* The developer pkclSoft and the iPad app “Tap Times Tables – Multiplication Fun” are paid advertisers on

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