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Tapikeo HD – Easily Create Photo Audio Storybooks!

Tapikeo HD is an educational iPad kids’ app that encourages learning through an unique audio and visual grid-style layout letting you and your child create audio storybooks, flash cards, photo albums, and much more using your own photos and sounds. This app gives the necessary tools to take an idea and easily expand upon it to create something tangible and useful like a picture-grid audio story in a mere matter of minutes (I’m pretty sure the actual thinking up of the story/idea takes longer). Tapikeo HD was developed with kids in mind and encourages an extra boost of creativity by providing a way for them to transfer their own thoughts and ideas into images with their very own sounds.

The grid format allows for individual cells to be placed within (up to 16 a page), each with a single image that has its own audio, text, and (if you want) it can link to another grid pack. For example: if you have a grid pack on vegetables and it includes a picture of carrots with the word “carrots” spoken as the audio. You can have the carrot cell in the vegetables grid “Jump” to a cooking grid since the two cells make sense in both grid packs and this expands the thought or references vegetables to cooking. In addition to creating your own grids, there are numerous grid packs that come with this app for FREE, like Animals Sounds, Clelia and the Cereal, as well as the numerous FREE grid packs that can be downloaded from the grid manager area. You’ll also find several very reasonably priced grid packs like the Augmented Alternative Language (AAC) pack allowing for hearing or visually impaired individuals to communicate with ease, that can be purchased through in app purchase (in this case 10 grids packs for only $0.99).

ipad kids education appsipad kids education apps

This application has a large amount of creative possibilities (almost endless) that are really only limited by the child or parent’s imagination. You may find that there is a bit of a learning curve on figuring out how to use the overall application, but there is plenty of instruction and information located in the “Quick Start Guide” and “FAQ” area to help you out. A couple of other features worthy of mentioning are the inclusion of a child lock that when tapped on once will lock, and to unlock it takes 5 taps in a 1 second timeframe, which will keep your kids out of the edit and settings area once activated. Another great feature is the “Shake” mode where you tap on the “Shake” icon on the bottom right and a test is activated about the current grid pack you are playing. An example of the testing questions range from “What animals makes this sound?” or “What kind of tool makes this sound?” Tapikeo HD is an excellent source for educators, parents and kids to create their own stories and much more, in a user-friendly way taking full advantage of the iPad’s cool technology to turn out something wonderful. Be sure to watch the iPad video app demo for a complete walk through of this application. Watch our other iPad video app demos . Crazy Mike

Tapikeo HD iPad App Details

Title: Tapikeo HD – Create with your Kids their Picture Book, Storyboard, Soundboard and Audio Flashcards !
Price: $2.99
Size: 46.6 MB
Category: Education
Developer: Jean-Eudes Lepelletier
Store: iTunes App Store

Tapikeo HD iPad App Download Link

Tapikeo HD - Create with your Kids their Picture Book, Storyboard, Soundboard and Audio Flashcards ! - Jean-Eudes Lepelletier

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Tapikeo HD iPad App Developers Description

iOS iPad
★★ To celebrate the launch of v3.0, Tapikeo HD is 50% OFF, at $2.99 only ! ★★
Tapikeo is a dynamic learning environment. Tapikeo is an app that asks parents and children, teachers and students to create together.
Tapikeo allows you and your children to easily and quickly create your own audio-enabled picturebooks, storyboards, visual schedules, memory aids, audio flashcards, and more using a versatile grid style layout.

Create engaging combinations of your own photographs and narration for pre-reading children to enjoy independently, or watch the imagination of your older children soar with this unique method of creative expression.


“This app is really so open-ended that I can’t write an exhaustive list of the ways you can put it to work for you.” – 5/5 –

“For its originality and multiple uses Tapikeo is moving to Fun Educational Apps TOP PICKS” –


Use Tapikeo’s flexible grid design to create your own combinations of pictures (from your camera roll or a new image), audio (record your own narration or sound), and caption. The possibilities are endless!
Each time your child taps a picture the sound plays as they enjoy their own customized audio flashcards, talking photo albums, storybooks, talking visual schedules, and countless other possibilities!

Tapikeo allows you to create unlimited, personalized grids of up to 48 pictures with sound and captions. Four demo grids: Animal Sounds, Clelia and the Cereal, Songs for Kids, and Everyday Sounds are pre-loaded for your children’s enjoyment and as inspiration for your own grid creation ideas!
You can also purchase 5 packs of grids: discover animals, children’s songs, learning grids for children, AAC starter pack, How tos and social stories.

Save your grids, share them by email with family and friends and import ALL of the ready-to-use grids from for FREE: alphabet, at lunch, clothes, colors, construction vehicles, do it yourself, story books, everyday sounds, figures, fruits, health, in town, jobs, music instruments, school stationery, shapes, sports, transports, vegetables, weather, and much more !


– Talking picture and photo albums
– Visual schedules with verbal prompts
– Simple scrapbooking of memorable events with narration (a trip to the zoo,
my birthday etc.)
– Storyboarding
– Customized talking flashcards for: vocabulary development, foreign
language study, and memorization
– Create your own customized soundboards
– Send audio-visual postcards and letters by email to family and friends
– Fully customizable multi-level AAC tool,
Get creative and put Tapikeo to use for your family!


– Safe mode: tap the lock to prevent editing and changes to settings. To
unlock tap the lock 5 times in 1 second.
– Possibility to trigger a sound when 2 pictures are matched together.
– Import/export function: save grids and share them by e-mail.
– Import and use all prepared and upcoming grids from for free.
– export your grids in HTML format: anyone can browse your artwork with a web browser.
– Shake mode: find all the pictures in a grid simply by hearing their sounds randomly, and try to score the best time.


We welcome your comments and suggestions – – and will
promptly respond to any inquiries!

Jean-Eudes Lepelletier is a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families.

What’s new

****New features****
– Possibility to rearrange the cells in a grid (among the same page), by dragging the cells to other
places on one page.
– In “edit” mode, it is now possible to record a sound related to 2 pictures. In play mode, user can
then drag and drop 1 pic to another pic, and hear related « common « sound if it was recorded.
– New “shake mode” : find the picture related to random sounds in the grid.
– High scores for “shake mode” can be followed-up in the Grid settings of each grid, and can be reset
if necessary.
– New grid manager was totally re-designed: much nicer visually with improved user experience,
– In the grid manager, it’s now possible to export a grid in “HTML” format and browse it in Safari.
– A brand new “Download section” was added to the Grid manager. 5 packs of grids are proposed as
In App Purchase, with a protection so that young kids cannot purchase them (it’s necessary to tap 5
times very quickly on the button to unlock IAP): “Animal sounds and names”, “Activities for pre-K
and K”, “How to and social stories”, “AAC starter pack”, “kid songs”. Many grids are also offered for free and can now be downloaded directly from within the app!
– For each grid, possibility to record an “introduction/presentation message”.
– On the “Edit” screen, it’s now possible to add text directly on a picture (can be zoom, rotated, with
4 possible text colors).
– On the “Edit” screen, it’s now possible to select any cell from any other grid (including current grid)
in order to copy all related info: picture, sound, caption.
– On the “Edit” screen, it’s now possible to select another grid to « jump to «. Then, in the play
screen, if user taps such a cell, he’ll hear related sound if any, and then the new grid will be
immediately shown. This new feature was developed for AAC uses.
– On the “Play” screen, a “previous grid” picture is shown in the bottom-left corner : all the history of
grid changes is recorded, and if user taps the picture of a previous grid, he’ll go back to it
– Tapikeo HD Premium features (export/import and creation) are now included in the base version,
for free, so Tapikeo HD Premium In-App Purchase doesn’t exist anymore.
– Contextual help was added on almost every screen: you just need to tap the small “?”.

****Improvements ****
– In the screen to edit a cell, if user taps “cancel” but had made modifications, a pop-up is now

displayed if there were modifications.
– In the default version, the grids included will be in “full version” (not demo),
– The previous “e-book” mode is now named “1by1” mode, since it was also widely used to
create “step by step” grids (how Tos) in addition to creating stories.
– If “1by1” mode is activated, then an indicator is displayed under the « lock « button in the Play
– Sound compression has been improved (lower disk space usage).
– Saving pictures in better quality, for a better rendering in full screen mode.
– The number of characters possible for each caption was increased to 300 (for those who use
Tapikeo to create e-books).
– In 1by1 mode, the arrows to change page (previous, next) have been re-designed visually, enlarged,
and positioned at the bottom of the screen for a better access to kids and users with low motion
– the “lock” icon on the “play” screen has been re-designed to better show when it’s on or off (it’s
now blue when activated and looks “open” when not activated).
– All buttons are shadowed when user taps them so that user understands whether the tapped or
– a “delete” button was added in the Text input fields so that users can quickly erase existing content
to write new one.

****Bug corrections****
Several, including record button that would sometimes freeze.

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