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Yoga App Takes Yoga Out of the Studio with Deepak Chopra (video)

Updated 01/02/13 – This instructional (video) yoga app has been updated numerous times since the original blog post and yoga app video. The new update features include (by update): Authentic Yoga 1.6 improved problems with routines running ‘too fast’, Authentic Yoga 1.5
New Routines (videos) from Tara!, Yoga for Tight Shoulders, Yoga for Back Pain, New Yoga Poses, Bellows Breath, Success Breathing, Reclining God Pose (left & right), Forward Bend Pose, Greatly reduced size of app, Improved performance and minor bug fixes, Authentic Yoga 1.3 Create your own yoga routines!

We just did an updated yoga app video demo for this app (watch below) and currently, the only issues we found were when viewing videos in HD (or high quality) because they appeared as individual frames and not videos, but when viewed in low quality they worked flawlessly. Also, this yoga app has not been updated since 10/21/11, which makes it appear as if the app may no longer be supported by the developer (Single Patterns), since it was last optimized for iOS 5.

Regardless, for $1.99 this yoga app is a great value due to the amount of professional yoga video instruction included in this application, and the polished user interface that makes this app super easy to use.

Original Blog Post:
This yoga app features professional yoga instructor Tara Stiles who has the flexibility of a “Stretch Armstrong,” a toy I had in the 1980’s. She is absolutely amazing and her body is beautiful as she puts it in positions that would be impossible for me. This yoga app has taken Tara Stiles unique brand of yoga out of the studio and into the streets, grocery stores and even the bedroom with her new DVD “Yoga Anywhere – The New York Sessions” and this iPad yoga app. There are also separate apps for the iPhone and Android devices as well as this iPad version.


Holistic health guru Deepak Chopra, worked with Tara Stiles in the creation of this Yoga app to help reach more people to help them get healthy and find inner peace at the same time. The Authentic Yoga with Deepak Chopra and Tara Stiles yoga apps feature a comprehensive set of yoga routines for any level and grouped into flexibility, strength, body awareness and balance. More advanced practitioners can create their own routines by combining various poses into sets that can be saved and used later. The recent iPad upgrade has updated the content with high definition images and videos of Tara and Deepak to take full advantage of the devices features.

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