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There are so many things you have to get done each day and places you have to be that it can be hard to keep track of them all. But with a well-designed task app, you can easily stay organized, productive and on time for everything. The Task Eater – Simple ToDo Management app is just the iPhone app to help you do that. This Productivity app comes with a sleek and intuitive user interface and a simple entry format that makes it quick and easy for you to create tasks, set due dates, activate reminders, send created tasks to others via email, and more.

iPhone Task Eater iPhone Application

Simply assign 1 of 30+ different category icons to your created appointments, calls, todos and other tasks. You can also use your own imported images if you prefer. You can assign 1 of 7 different background color choices to each of your tasks, customize fonts, assign a variety of due date times for each task, and set optional alarm sounds. You’ll also be able to easily keep track of all your tasks in 3 different tab views: Tasks, Finished, and Timeline. To find out what else this well-designed task app can do for you, read the Task App Task Eater Features below.

Task Eater iPhone Task App

Task App, Task Eater Features

It helps you to stay organized and reminds you about important things that need to be done.

  • Beautiful category icons to classify your tasks
  • Due dates with optional alarms
  • Highlight tasks with different colors
  • Send tasks by mail and import the ones you received
  • Import own images and use them as category icons
  • Add notes
  • Timeline view for a fast overview
  • Supports Local Notifications, so you receive alarms even when the app is closed
  • Snooze alarms
  • Several notification sounds to choose from
  • Free sorting
  • Create and restore backups (can be copied to the computer with iTunes)
  • Send backups by mail, and restore them by opening them in the Mail app
  • The font for notes can be switched between Marker Felt and Helvetica

* Attention: Needs iOS 4.0 or newer.

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