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TaskBurn – Burn Your ToDo’s With This Free Mac App (Video)

TaskBurn by Knert Consulting Inc is a simple yet very satisfying free Mac “todo” app that lets you quickly create grouped tasks out of virtual wood planks and once you complete a task you can listen to the realistic crackling fire sounds as you virtually burn it so satisfying! For some reason I have a fascination with “ToDo” apps, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s for the iPhone, iPad, Android or the Mac. Perhaps it is because of my continued quest to have an app magically keep track of what I do on a daily basis and give me some extra time in my life. Unfortunately, I have not come across an applications that will magically give me more time, but I have come across several worthy apps that making tracking “todo” tasks a lot more fun and TaskBurn (Free), for the Mac, is one such Productivity app.

This unique application sits quietly, or at times crackling in your top Mac menu bar (represented by a small flame icon). Tap on this icon and you can quickly create a group or a task, or both a group with a task in it. Once you complete your task you can “burn” it, which when created is represented on a wood plank. Once you tap on the burn icon on the far right of the “todo” to complete it, a beautiful animation and fire sound occurs, albeit safely on your Mac. If you want restore any task, simply go to either all or the group that the now burned task was in, and at the bottom of the interface tap on the flame icon and quickly restore it with a tap on the undo button you will also get a magical animation with accompanying sound effect.

This Free Mac Productivity app does not have any alarms, reoccuring settings or calendar interface, but it does support iCloud sync between computers — and is a really cool, quick and easy “todo” application. One tip: if you delete a group, you will delete all tasks in that group permanently. TaskBurn is a very simple, easy-to-use Free Mac Productivity app that provides a unique concept and awesomely satisfying burning sound to inspire you to get those tasks done.

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