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Temple Run Oz – Great And Powerful Endless Runner (Video)

Temple Run OZ, by Disney with the help of Imangi Studios, is another awesome Temple Run game now featuring endless running down the yellow brick road, flying-hot-air-balloon action and other crazy stuff! Can Temple Run games continue to be released without over saturating the iOS and Android OS ecosystem? Yes! Disney and Imangi Studios have been doing a great job so far by adding new twists and turns like Temple Run Brave and now Temple Run Oz. This keeps the Temple Run games fresh and helps Disney promote their movies at the same time.

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Some of the newest features in Temple Run Oz are hot-air-balloon riding (driving) gameplay, new environments to run through (Dark Forest Whimsie Woods), and weekly tournaments. Power-ups, abilities, and skills are more complicated in this game, which makes choosing them a bit more difficult. On a positive note there is an on-screen power-ups and utilities load out before each game. The music box is the addition to this game that is okay. Grab a key during a game and you get a random chance to win a power-up or add points to your score. The power-up is fine, but the points don’t do much for me.

YouTube App Video Link: Temple Run Oz iPhone App Review


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