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Tetras – Unique Vertical, Horizontal Brick Breaker iOS Game (Video)

Tetras is the ancient Greek word for “groups of 4.” This unique “Brick Breaker” game gives you 4 bats or paddles to use as you play your way through 15 large levels with 2 difficulty modes, and 15 collectable cards featuring the beautiful country of Greece in this iPhone and iPad game.

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Most likely when you read this app’s name (“Tetras”) you may have thought of the Tetris game. However, the 2 iOS games are not even similar, other than letters. This Tetras “Brick Breaker” game is very challenging and unique in its controls. Tetras features 2 vertical and 2 horizontal bats, also known as paddles. You can control the bats by either touch or tilt. The overall goal is to destroy all blocks through 3 stages for each of the 15 levels. Once you do this, you will earn a beautiful card featuring a city, island, or historical landmark in Greece.



There are power-ups to help you in between stages like multiple balls, lasers and more. Be sure to pick your game difficulty and settings carefully. The Hard game mode using Tilt controls is extremely challenging. You may want to start with the Easy game difficulty. In this game mode the vertical bats are automatic, that means you only have to focus on the horizontal bat movement. Additional challenges to each level are changing ball speed, limited lives, and changing puzzles.


Tetras, a Greek Indie Brick Breaker game, is a challenging game that also comes with beautiful images of Greece as your reward for completing levels. There is also a free version of Tetras called Tetras Free, if want to take this game for a test drive first.

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