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Text for Instagram-Personalize Text Messages for Instagram

Get creative and easily customize text messages onto your photos and backgrounds with the free iPhone Productivity app called — Text for Instagram (by Imagination Unlimited). Text for Instagram lets you create personalized text messages with a variety of useful tools right onto your photos or onto the 20 different backgrounds included within this app — and also features many different fonts, text colors — and much more.

Since people love to share what they see, and with the proliferation of mobile phones that have high-powered cameras as well as connectivity, it’s no wonder that Instagram is all the rage right now. Text for Instagram lets you take your Instagram sharing a bit farther with the addition of personalized text messages on your photos (from the camera roll or new pictures taken with the app) or on 1 of the 20 current background templates. The process couldn’t be easier: select your image, type your text, adjust your text using a variety of user-friendly customization tools like text size, text opacity, color, font style, including 5 different font shades/outlines, and right, left or center justification — and that is not all — you can add multiple text messages onto one image for a more in-depth customized and unique message. Once done, tap the share button and you will send your text message image to Instagram or you can save to your camera roll, send through email, as well as a variety of other social sites. Once you end up in Instagram, just follow the normal buttons and settings to either further customize your text message image or just share straight away. In a matter of seconds it will show on your Instagram timeline.

I found this free app very easy to use with lots of useful features (background templates, font styles, color spectrum) to create interesting and nice-looking messages — and it worked extremely fast — including the different share features. There are some advertisements in this app (which is common for free apps) but when tapping on one I did not leave the app — which to me is a plus. Text for Instagram is a very nice Instagram accompanying application to help you personalize, spice up, and insert your own creative and personalized messages to your shared images on Instagram. Be sure to watch the Text for Instagram iPhone app video demo for a complete look at this iPhone Productivity application. Crazy Mike

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