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Emoji Icons in a Flash – 4,60 Text2Smiley Free

Emoji icons are readily available thanks to iPhone apps like the 4,60 Text2Smiley Free developed (by iPhoneBestSoft). There is a lot this iPhone app does and it all revolves around texting shortcuts and emoji icons. This app has an enormous amount of functionality inside it! There are 460 emoji icons, auto text to create emoji icons as well as the ability to create text shortcuts, keep shortcuts of your favorites text templates, and there is an emoji icons library.


The main screen is the composing screen where you can create templates for texting, emailing, or saving to your favorites. You can use “autotext” here to create messages you can save for later by tapping the copy icon. Tapping on the email or SMS icon will take you out of the app with your template (as long as you have copied it). To use the compose feature start to type on the chalkboard and words like “cat” will turn into an emoji icon. The word has to have an emoji icon to pop up as one so the word “battle ship” will not produce an emoji icon. You can also squeeze text into the message, which you can send using the already mentioned buttons. Once you save your template a copy will be created in the clips tab, which appears on the bottom navigation bar. The clips tab has recent, business, chat shorthands, friends, and symbols shortcuts. The remaining tabs on the navigation bar are the emoji tab, which has a library of different emoji categories. Finally there is an unlock tab, which will show you how to unlock the emoji screen on your iPhone and the more tab where you can find the apps settings and other stuff.

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