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Free Thanksgiving Trivia Questions App, Fun Facts and More!

Sure, we all know that the Thanksgiving holiday is a day to give thanks, but how much do you and others really know about this turkey-eating holiday? You will soon find out thanks to this Thanksgiving trivia questions app by FrancisQ. Thanksgiving Fun, Facts & Trivia is a quality free Games app featuring 2 playing modes and 50 different Thanksgiving trivia questions about the Pilgrims, history, turkeys, and other things related to this popular fall holiday.

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Most holiday trivia apps aren’t all that impressive, especially the free ones. However, you can tell that quality and user experience are important to this developer. The graphics are simple cartoon images but they are colorful, fun and pleasing nonetheless, and the navigation and user interface in this iPhone app are definitely top notch. The Thanksgiving Fun, Facts & Trivia app comes with 4 themed categories (that they call Thanksgiving Editions). You can choose to play any 1 of these 4: All 50, History, Pilgrims, and Turkeys. Some categories have more or less questions than others, but altogether there are only a total of 50 Thanksgiving trivia questions within this iPhone game.

These holiday themed questions and fun facts cover things like the name of the ship the Pilgrims came over on, when the first Thanksgiving was celebrated in America, who the first Pilgrim Governor was, how fast a turkey can fly, the number of calories the average American consumes on Thanksgiving, and more. Most of the Thanksgiving trivia questions are timeless in this iPhone app, but some of the statistics questions refer to 2010 making the app seem a little dated.

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Although you can play for fun at your own leisure, it might be more exciting to spice the game up and challenge yourself and others in the timed Competition Mode, and also keep track of your High Scores. In timed mode you only have about 12 seconds to answer the question before you’re out of time and the answer is revealed. In this Thanksgiving trivia questions app both your answer and the correct answer will be displayed. Wrong answers show in red and correct answers are shown in green. Another thing I like about this Thanksgiving app is that there aren’t any terrible buzzers or dreadful sounds to penalize you during gameplay, making this game a lot more enjoyable and family friendly.

So if you’re looking for a Thanksgiving trivia questions app to pass the time or break the ice with the family this Thanksgiving holiday, the Thanksgiving Fun, Facts & Trivia app is worth a download and it’s free!

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