That Bug Knows His Food…Foodie The Bug!

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Foodie The Bug, by MegaCubic Entertainment, is a wacky culinary tilt-to-play flying game featuring Foodie the Bug who takes you on a cultural food adventure. Each level of game play begins after 3 seconds of calibration for your device, then you can catapult Foodie from a slingshot through 3 different countries using the accelerometer to move Foodie up and down. Your objective is to guide Foodie through each level as fast as you can, before his energy runs out, and along the way collect the ingredients to create certain ethnic food dishes.

Foodie The Bug iPhone app reviewFoodie The Bug iPhone app review

There are 5 re-playable levels in this fresh culinary iOS game for each country (15 total); as well as 5 ethnic recipes to complete for each country. As you traverse through the different landscapes, you will collect the native food ingredients to complete your ethnic dishes and earn points that allow you to shop for various power ups. Some of the power ups in the gameplay are items such as lollipops, cake, and chili peppers that really put a fire under you butt. There are also bad things to avoid like: poison, weights, and bubblegum that deplete you energy — Foodie hates to fail his mission and cries pathetically when he fails. Foodie the Bug is a creative and entertaining casual game that may leave you hungry for some new ethic cuisine. For more iPhone app videos check out our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Foodie The Bug iPhone App Details

Title: Foodie The Bug
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 113.7 MB
Developer: MegaCubic Entertainment, Inc.
Store: iTunes App Store

Foodie The Bug iPhone App Download Link

Foodie The Bug - MegaCubic Entertainment, Inc.

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Foodie The Bug iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone
Want to explore the world’s finest foods and landmarks? Now, here’s your chance! Foodie the Bug is a charming flying game that everyone simply can’t miss!

Game Features/highlights:
☞ Adjustable tilt control
☞ Adorable and one-of-a-kind game character
☞ Super addictive gameplay
☞ Variety of items, obstacles, and power-ups: poison, weight, bubble gum, mummy, and etc.
☞ Incredible cartoon art
☞ 15 ethnic dishes with interesting descriptions
☞ 15 challenging levels and landscapes, with more to come
☞ Gamecenter, Facebook, and Twitter integration
☞ Retina Display

How to Play
1. Reset tilt control by holding the device in the same position for 3 seconds
2. Tilt device to keep Foodie up in the air
3. Collect JELLY BEANS to gain energy to fly and buy cool upgrades at the
4. Fly to the destination within the required time period
5. Random power-ups and obstacles will appear in the air.

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