That Cat Is Tripping…Nyan Cat: Lost In Space

Playing Nyan Cat: Lost In Space is a akin to having a flashback (drug reference); however, I have never actually had a flashback, so I ‘m going by what I’ve heard. This game is a side-scrolling platformer game where you play as either a pop tart or waffle cat. I know it sounds weird, but the weirdness does not stop there. There are lots of power-ups and power-downs that you will come across as you try to navigate your way jumping from level to level progressing either left to right or right to left. My particular favorite is the large pill. Once your cat eats the pill, he begins to have a psychedelic experience akin to Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock. While this app is FREE, there are cat skins and backgrounds that you can purchase to make your gameplay even more fun. Nyan Cat: Lost In Space in a couple words — totally tripping, dude! Watch our iPad video app reviews for a look at more iPad demos and reviews. CM

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Nyan Cat: Lost In Space iPad App Details

Title: Nyan Cat: Lost In Space
Cost: FREE
Size: 12.5 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Istom Games Kft.
Store: iTunes App Store

Nyan Cat: Lost In Space iPad App Download

Nyan Cat: Lost In Space - Istom Games Kft.

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Nyan Cat: Lost In Space iPad App Developer Description

iOS Universal
** The most popular and most appreciated Nyan Cat game on iPhone/iPad!

“Awesome!” – prguitarman, author of the original Nyan Cat character
WARNING! The Nyan Cat game and music are seriously addictive! Play with Nyan Cat only at your own risk!

iTunes reviews (US and UK):
“Best, game, EVAR!” – Jamiejdjdjdjdj
“This is the beat of the nyan cat games” – Crazyboy4826
“This game is pro!” – Oseycyhycyg
“I can’t stop playing this Nyantastic game” – Rossw123
“cute game thats fun to play! love the art style & glad it’s universal! dont like cats, but i DO love this game!” – Starscream1017

Features for humans:
-powerups (magnet, …)
-score multipliers
-two game modes
-Nyan Cat skins
-different background themes
-different forms of NYAN CAT (Supernyan, …) and TAC NAYN
-UNIVERSAL APP (supports iPad/iPhone/iPhone4/iPod)
-beautiful pixel art
-Game Center support
-retina display support

Features for Nyans:
nyan nyan nyan nyan POWERUPS nyan nyan nyan ACHIEVEMENTS nyan nyan SUPERNYAN nyan ONLINE HIGH SCORES nyan nyan RETINA DISPLAY nyan nyan nyan UNIVERSAL APP nyan BEAUTIFUL PIXEL ART nyan nyan nyan

Official Nyan Cat fan page:

What’s new

-Game Center support
-new platform type: every time you hit Golden Platform, you get more and more scores
-new powerup item: reggae cat – everything is soooo slooow
-Nyan Cat skins: 3 skin packs, each contains 6 different skins! Movie, nationality and profession themes. (skin packs are available via IAP)
-new background themes: “Planet Of The Nyans” and “Nyan York City” (via IAP)
-a bunch of small improvements!

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Your 5-star iTunes ratings and reviews keep the updates coming!

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