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We already know there are plenty of Office Jerks, Office Zombies (jerks) and now we have Classroom Jerk, by Dim Dim Sum App. While most teachers are hard-working and awesome, every profession has its own jerks — and teachers are no exception. Classroom Jerk capitalizes on this fact and allows players to toss a variety of items at the “head” (teacher) of this class and you will receive no detention for direct hits. This app differs from its cousin apps (Office Jerk, Office Zombie) in that there is an innocent bystander at the front of the class — that can also be hit, but beware hitting that person deducts points. Customization can be done to that innocent bystander by adding an image to the face from within the app (picture) or from the camera role. There are plenty of FREE items to toss at the teach (gatorade, sneakers, chalk board eraser, airplane) and more can be unlocked through in app purchase, as well as buying off ads. Classroom Jerk is the perfect therapeutic iPhone app for a little classroom frustration-therapy. For more iPhone app videos check out our iPhone video app demos. CM

free iphone app reviewsfree iphone app reviews

Classroom Jerk FREE iPhone App Details

Title: Classroom Jerk
Price: FREE
Category: Games
Size: 29.0 MB
Developer: Dim Dim Sum App
Store: iTunes App Store

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Classroom Jerk - Dim Dim Sum App

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Classroom Jerk FREE iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone
Not feeling great now! Want to throw something at someone to relieve the emotion? Or want to have some loud laugh?

Who can that someone be? How about Classroom Jerk?

Who is the Classroom Jerk? Is that the Teacher who is shouting ‘Quiet’ or ‘ Ah! So Angry’?

Or is that the Classmate who is standing next to the Teacher because he/she is bad?

Or is that You in the Classroom throwing Banana, Ice cream, Sneaker, Dictionary or Basket Ball etc. to the Teacher or the Classmate? Press the box on the right to find out more.

Oh! You can even change who that bad classmate standing out there should be by pressing the calculator on your desk.

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