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That’s Not Evel Knievel, It’s The Bike Baron! (Video)

Bike Baron is one of those magical iPhone games that is both funny and fun to play. Mountain Sheep, a rockstar developer collaboration, created Bike Baron. Some of the apps by this star-studded cast of developers, graphic designers, and music composers include Angry Birds, Death Rally, Minigore, Aqua Globs and Trine.

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YouTube App Video Review Link: Bike Baron Review | iPhone App Review Video (Gameplay)

While the developers may not mean much to the average Bike Baron player, the gameplay will. The gameplay features a bike marauding hero who races through challenging and death-defying physics puzzle racetracks.

This app now includes over 100 levels of gameplay and over 300 achievements to complete. You can also create your own levels if you are up for the challenge



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