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The American Bible Challenge – GSN Android Game

There’s an interesting new game show on the Game Show Network (GSN) called “The American Bible Challenge” hosted by the “You Might Be A Redneck” comedian Jeff Foxworthy, but in addition to this, there is also a Free Android game app packed with online Bible trivia gameplay. If you like trivia and you know your Bible, then the new FREE Android Brain & Puzzle game — The American Bible Challenge — is right up your alley. This Android game models the GSN’s new gameshow title (the same one hosted by America’s Southern funny man Jeff Foxworthy). The gameshow is all about the Bible, so there are no shortage of questions to be answered, but to keep it lively it is modeled around a fun format with different types of questioning, themes for today, and in the game show contestant teams (of 3) play to earn money for their favorite charity.

The Android game version is fun, has a load of level and round gameplay, but needs some bug fixes. Getting into the app was the toughest part and trying to get on a team or group was difficult. Eventually the app froze on me, and when I rebooted it I was in a game playing against a random online opponent — which was cool because that is what I was trying to accomplish. The question/answering in the beginning of the game was a little touchy, scoring me 2 wrong answers consecutively. But I persevered and made it through round 1, where the Bible questions were not too difficult. You can see your online opponent’s score in between rounds and the questions continue to get more difficult the farther you make it in the game. The questions range from ordering 4 answers correctly, multiple choice, multiple choice fill-in-the-blank, and there are even drag and drop pictures to correctly put together. The Android game definitely mimics the new GSN gameshow and is a lot of fun. There is a load of gameplay, 8 levels currently with a 9th level in development, and each level has 4 rounds — all for free.


For the most part, once I got past the glitches in this app I found the game to be very similar to the GSN gameshow, which is actually a fun show to watch and try to guess answers before the contestants do. The inclusion of relevant-timed themes, like a category in last nights show: “was the city in the Bible or Star Wars,” keeps the game fresh and fun while still providing trivia questions on information that is thousands of years old. The American Bible Challenge is an excellent free Android game, and with a few bug fixes it will be awesome. Watch The American Bible Challenge Android App Video Review for a look at this trivia game.

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