The Cleaner, Free Android System Cleaner That’ll Keep Your Android Purring!

The Cleaner – Speed Up & Clean is an easy-to-use Android system cleaner app that features quick tap-to-clean RAM speed up, storage maintenance, widgets and more. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to free up RAM on your Android, then The Cleaner – Speed up and Clean is the app for you.

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Besides performing the typical functions of an Android system cleaner, this app has a few extras that make it different than other standard Tools apps. First off, there are no ads in this free app. Yes, no ads! It also has simple 2-tap to clean RAM, as well as a 2-tap device storage clean/delete feature. Combine that with several automated settings for RAM “autoscan” cleaning, and various color themes, and you have a really nice mobile application. Probably why The Cleaner has an average 4.4 user rating out of 25,500 Google Play user reviews. But what is under the hood in this app?

The Cleaner Android App ReviewAndroid App Review for the Android System Cleaner App

The Cleaner App Overview

This simple-to-use Android Tools app features 2 main modes: RAM cleaning and Storage cleaning/deleting. These actions are activated by tapping a great big “analyze” button for whichever mode you are in. Once either process is complete, you simply tap the clean button and you are done (may show as delete for storage if you are deleting files, pictures or .apks). There is a handy refresh button to perform the action again, and a settings tab, both buttons appear at the bottom of the main screen for either mode.

Other than the automated scan options and themes, the settings have links to rate the app and share the app. The accompanying widgets reflect the app’s simplicity with 1 touch cleaning for the RAM portion of the app and 1 touch to review your storage cleaning and/or file deletions. Apparently, the developer, Liquidum (Previously Mirmay Limited), wanted to create a sleek, simple, and easy-to-use Android systems cleaner – and they have obviously succeeded.

The Cleaner Speed up and Clean Overall

Android system cleaner apps like The Cleaner are perfect for reducing RAM and running services that can drain your battery unnecessarily. And since this app has “autoscan” to clean, as well as 1 touch widget functionality, this app will come in super handy to keep your Android purring at maximum charge all day long.

Android Video Review for the The Cleaner Speed up and Clean AppAndroid System Cleaner Android App Review

The Cleaner Speed up and Clean can be downloaded for free from the Google Play App Store using the download link below. Give it a try, and see if this app has what it takes to increase your Android’s RAM, storage, and battery efficiency.

Download The Cleaner Android System Cleaner App Now!

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Liquidum (Previously Mirmay Limited)
Android OS Tools Application, v. 1.2.1, Cost: $0.00
The Cleaner - Speed up & Clean
Written by: Michael Vallez
Date Published: 04/14/2014
Quick and easy Android system cleaner app to free up RAM and manage your device storage, widgets included - no ads.
4.5 / 5 stars

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