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The Enchanted Kingdom – Loads of Free Android Gameplay! (Video)

The Enchanted Kingdom FREE (by HeroCraft) lets you embark upon an interesting journey with a variety of different gameplay: like hidden object missions, 2 different Match-3 type games, mini games, and more as you take Elisa (your heroine) through a trove of kingdom quests. This Free Android Casual game provides a nice mix of gameplay, but at times it can become a little difficult to complete a level. You play this game as Elisa, who is on a quest to become the ruler of a medieval kingdom by solving quests through missions. She travels around gathering resources to help solve kingdom people’s problems: such as bug infestations, resource shortages — and the like.

In doing so, Elisa (You) will play through 3 main games (Hidden Object, and 2 Match-3 type games), as well as a variety of mini-game type puzzles — all providing Elisa with rewards to help her complete her mission or quest at hand. There are hints that can be used in all the game modes, several come free and others can be found during gameplay or purchased. Resources also can be earned or purchased, but earning them is where you will play the 2 different Match-3 type games (similar, yet different). The reason it can be difficult to level up is that a certain amount of resources are required to construct a building and at times you may have to play through 3 to 5 complete Match-3 games to obtain the necessary resources, which is half the fun — and after all — it is completely free. If however, you are impatient you can always purchase the resources to increase the speed of the game. Another feature that merits being pointed out is that this is a family-friendly game with no violence involved, just fun casual gameplay in variety of formats.

As far as free games go, The Enchanted Kingdom Free is a really great value. I played it for over 1 hour and never spent a penny, and could have easily kept on playing. It is possible to find the match 3 games to become a bit repetitive, but the hidden object games are always fun and the mini-games offer a fresh bit of interest at just the right time in the game. There are a variety of characters and silly banter throughout the game between Elisa and the game’s other characters, all whom she must seek out to help or obtain things from to complete her quests. This game is perfect for anyone looking for a nice break from the nagging everyday activities or just because.

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