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Kung Fu Fox (by iQin Mobile) is a casual puzzler featuring our martial artitst fox who must master the magic drawing skill to enable him to manipulate his weapons to kill the enemies along his journey through 72 levels of day and night gameplay. We originally were introduced to the Kung Fu Fox in Kung Fu Fox HD and now the fox has returned ready to take on more foes in the new iPhone version.

Kung Fu Fox iPhone App ReviewKung Fu Fox iPhone App Review

The fox has many weapons to use to take out his enemies with and he has learned from the very best kung fu masters on how to throw stars, fire crackers, spinning darts, and more to defeat his enemies. There are 2 game modes (day and night) and each provide a unique drawing interaction with the gameplay. Day mode features straight lines only that can assist the fox in his quests for victory, while the night game mode allows for curved and straight lines — that is if you can draw a straight line. There are 72 challenging levels of gameplay, and one of the unique features is the opportunity to capture a photo during gameplay of the screen to share on Twitter and Facebook. Kung Fu Fox is on a mission and that mission is to take out his mocking enemies — now on the iPhone. For more iPhone app videos check out our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Kung Fu Fox iPhone App Details

Title: Kung Fu Fox
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 23.9 MB
Developer: iQin Mobile
Store: iTunes App Store

Kung Fu Fox iPhone App Download Link

Kung Fu Fox - iQin Mobile

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Kung Fu Fox iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone
Here comes the cute Kung Fu Fox!
Kung Fu Fox is a master with many skills.
Kung Fu Drawing – Make a brand new world with colored lines!
Kung Fu Secret Weapon – Attack the enemy with powerful weapons!

How to play:
Draw a line, shoot weapon, and kill enemy!
Yes, it is that easy! Come on and join the cute little fox in practicing the moves and become a Kung Fu master!

In the mysterious Orient far far away and deep in the mountains, a cute little Kung Fu Fox is practicing his moves in order to become the greatest Kung Fu fighter in the world.

The little fox is practicing a secret skill that had been lost for thousands of years, the Kung Fu Drawing! It is a magic that uses the magical Kung Fu Marker to draw any line and it will become real! Draw a board, a bridge, a trap, a flower, an elephant, or anything you find interesting! Use your imagination and join Kung Fu Fox in drawing lines and making a brand new world!

The little Kung Fu Fox is also learning a number of oriental secret weapons like the powerful darts and flying knives that fire three shots at once. Of course, there is also the traditional Chinese fire weapon, the crackers. Children in China can shoot as many crackers as they want on Chinese New Year! Come and join the fun of the Chinese New Year!

– An interesting physical game
– An intellectual puzzle game
– Make a new world by drawing lines with a finger
– Able to share pretty pictures with friends on social networks
– Many interesting weapons including spinning darts, multi-shot flying knives, and powerful explosives
– Funny levels with day and night mode. New levels continue to be added… Coming soon!

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