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Bush Bobblehead – The Great Orator Humor iPhone App

The Bush Bobblehead iPhone app brings back memories of former President George W. Bush’s awesome orating abilities. This app has over 100 classic George W. Bush sayings in the man’s own words. This app would be great for parties, Democrats, or anyone looking for a quick laugh. The classic sayings are delivered via the in app President Bush bobblehead, which is entertaining in its own right. All in fun, the Bush Bobblehead app is a nice Entertainment app. The Bush Bobblehead app is simple to use and works like most real life bobbleheads. You can pull, drag or flick the Bush Bobblehead and watch for the realistic action that happens. A cool idea for the real geeks out there: put the Bush Bobblehead in your iPhone car holder and it could almost be a real dashboard bobblehead.

This app costs $0.99 and includes 100’s of the former President’s famous sayings, gaffes, and other speaking. If you want this app for free get the Bush Bobblehead-Lite app here.

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